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New Jersey man holding out hope his daughter, son-in-law will be released by Hamas on Monday

Hamas releases 17 more hostages on third day of truce
Hamas releases 17 more hostages on third day of truce 02:50

NEW YORK -- After the third group of hostages was released by Hamas on Sunday, some American families are holding onto hope that their loved ones will be on the list to go home on the last day of the agreement with Israel on Monday.

CBS New York spoke with a New Jersey man about his daughter being held captive.

The release of 4-year-old American Avigail Idan on Sunday gave families a sense of hope and comfort that the U.S. government's involvement in the hostage negotiations is working.

As the deal made between Israel and Hamas is securing the release of women and children, a man from New Jersey is hoping his daughter, Liat, will come home soon, too.

Liat Beinin, an American and Israeli citizen, and her husband, Aviv Atzili, were taken hostage by Hamas on Oct. 7 at their home on Kibbutz Nir Oz.

Liat's father, Yehuda, told CBS New York he has visited Washington D.C. to share his daughter and sons-in-law's story, and has been in contact with the U.S. government about getting them back home.

"The acknowledge that I got from the administration enabled me to function," he said. "The information was clear that the pressure on the professional level was coming from the top down to get these hostages back, to get these deals done."

He said the recent hostage negotiations bring a mix of emotions.

"Their happiness really brings tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for them. It's a very joyous moment coupled with additional sadness that there are so many other hostages that are not even being considered at this stage," Yehuda Beinin said.

Hamas is giving Israel the list of hostages that will be released the day of, so no one can be certain of who will be going home Monday.

There has been a mix of Israeli citizens and foreign nationals that have been released so far.

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