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"The Watcher" fans causing headaches for homeowners in Rye, New York and Westfield, New Jersey

Fans of Netflix's "The Watcher" causing headaches for local homeowners
Fans of Netflix's "The Watcher" causing headaches for local homeowners 02:13

RYE, N.Y. -- "The Watcher" is the most-watched show on Netflix right now. The series is loosely based on true events that unfolded at a home in New Jersey.

But the show's worldwide popularity is causing headaches for homeowners in two of our suburbs, CBS2's Tony Aiello reported Thursday. 

They're ready for Halloween at the "Watcher" house in Westfield, New Jersey, but the police barricade and "No Trespassing" signs aren't part of the seasonal decorations. 

The homeowner and neighbors are dealing with lots of drive-byes and door-knocks thanks to "The Watcher" on Netflix, a drama about a family traumatized by creepy letters. 

CBS2 first reported on the letters in 2015 when the Westfield family sued, claiming the previous owners knew of the "Watcher" but never said anything. They never moved into the house and sold it at a loss in 2019.

The Netflix show was actually filmed at a home in Rye, New York and it, too, is attracting the curious. 

"Because I was being nosy, because I really wanted to see this house," said Joan Matthews, of Scarsdale. "Just everything about the movie, it was just fantastic from beginning to end. You didn't know, the plots was twisting and turning ... It was just a fantastic, well-done movie." 

The mother of child actor Rocky Manuele, who appears in episode 7, posted video of the production crew in Rye. 

The homeowner said she expected attention, but it's getting to be a bit much now that the show is a worldwide smash. Some fans have knocked on her door and tried to talk to her kids. 

Owners of the Netflix stand-in home and the original house would no doubt appreciate the curious to be courteous. 

Meanwhile, "New York Magazine" reports new DNA analysis indicates at least one "Watcher" envelope was sealed by a woman. The identity of the "Watcher" remains unsolved. 

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