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Mayor Adams teases subway safety plan in live interview on CBS2 News

Adams teases subway safety plan in CBS2 interview
Adams teases subway safety plan in CBS2 interview 02:40

NEW YORK -- Mayor Eric Adams made headlines Friday morning during a live interview on CBS2 News.

He addressed issues including the migrant crisis and subway safety, as well as ambitious new initiatives from his State of the City speech

The mayor teased a major announcement, saying he and Gov. Kathy Hochul have a promising update for subway riders. 

"The subway safety plan is moving our system in the right direction. I always stated that it was going to be a while before people go from what they felt to what they're feeling as we deal with those average of six felonies a day that we see in our subway system," said Adams. 

Adams on Tyre Nichols' death, fighting crime, migrant crisis and more 10:31

The mayor also spoke on how he plans to help New Yorkers access affordable housing and fight crime, including creating a "most wanted" list. 

"We identified 1,700 people who are repeated offenders. These are just bad people. They commit a crime, they're arrested, they come out, they commit another crime while out on trial," said Adams. 

The mayor also addressed the migrant crisis and the need for more funds from the federal government. 

"We have a Congress, particularly the Republicans in Congress, that refuse to deal with real, comprehensive immigration reform," said Adams. "We're receiving a disproportionate number of migrants in the city, and it has really impacted the basic services of our city and we need an immediate response by the federal government."

In his address Thursday, Adams touched on a handful of other promises for 2023, including launching the country's largest street-side composting program, requiring Uber and Lyft cars to go fully-electric by 2030, building more open space and providing free medical care. 

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