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Man Accused Of Killing Ex-Girlfriend In Astoria Home Talks About Her Death On Facebook

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend inside their Astoria apartment is talking about her death on Facebook.

Jason Bohn, 33, was charged with first-degree murder in connection with the strangulation of Danielle Thomas, 27. The beaten and bruised body of Thomas was found in the couple's Astoria apartment on June 26.

According to a criminal complaint, police discovered Thomas' body laying face up in the bathtub surrounded by bags of ice.

Police also found two handwritten notes in the apartment. The first note allegedly stated, "It was an accident, it was an accident, it was an accident … I had been drinking and I was drunk when I got home. She was already asleep. I woke up and there was fighting between us, and when I woke up again she was unconscious. I am sorry."

The second note allegedly read, "Dani, I will love you forever."

Neighbors in the Astoria apartment said they often heard Thomas screaming for help.

"Screaming, yelling 'Help! He's going to kill me! Help!" one resident said.

Thomas had an order of protection in place when she was murdered, police said. No one knows why she returned to the apartment building.

Bohn pleaded not guilty to the  murder and is being held in protective custody at Bellevue Hospital until his next court appearance in September.

Nearly two months later, Bohn dictated the following statement from Bellevue to his younger brother Chris, who posted the information on Bohn's Facebook page. Here is an excerpt:

"I suspected she was a cheater. At the very least, I gradually confirmed she was a compulsive liar, particularly with regard to relations with the opposite sex, both past and present. As a result I grew insecure and abusive. The night in question? In all honesty, it was an accident.

"In short, I was heavily intoxicated, under a great deal of stress, and completely blacked out. I woke up the next morning in complete shock. My knuckles were bruised badly and she was on the floor unconscious. 

"Thank you for being my friends! Very heartfelt sorry to all of the people I hurt over the years, especially her and her family/friends. God Bless! Please pray for me."

Bohn's attorney, Todd Greenberg, said his client has a history of mental issues.

"This may not be a case of 'whodunnit' as much as why it happened," Greenberg told CBS 2 in July. "At that extent I do think that Mr. Bohn's mental capacity will become an issue in this case."

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