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'Madden' Video Game Nails Super Bowl Prediction Down To Final Score

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Deep Blue defeats Kasparov, Jeopardy's unbeatable "Watson" computer and now this.

A simulation using the video game "Madden NFL 15" not only correctly predicted the victor of Sunday's Super Bowl XLIX, but also the final score and the game-deciding touchdown connection.

The clip was posted to YouTube by the game's developer, EA SPORTS, on Jan. 26. In it, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady orchestrates a game-winning drive that ends with a touchdown pass to receiver Julian Edelman. Final score: 28-24.

In the real Super Bowl, Brady marched the Patriots down the field and hit Edelman for the score with just over two minutes to play. New England would hold on with a little help from a brutal play call by the Seattle Seahawks on the 1-yard line. Final score: 28-24.

The simulation also correctly predicted the MVP award would go to Brady, according to USA Today, which added that "Madden" nailed the quarterback's four touchdown passes and overshot his total yardage (328) by just seven.

Edelman finished with nine receptions for 109 yards. The simulation gave him one less catch and three fewer yards, according to USA Today.

We'll give them that one.

(Fun fact: Tim Tebow came within a point of predicting the final score of last year's BCS National Championship Game during his television debut for ESPN.)

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