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Long Island Family Fed Up With Vehicles Crashing Into Their Backyard

SEAFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- A car crashed into a family's backyard in Seaford, Long Island, Friday, destroying their deck. And it's not the first time.

"I woke up my husband. I said 'honey there's another accident,' so he said you got to be kidding me, I said no, and so we came outside and there is the car right there stuck into the trees," said Marasol DuBois.

What the DuBois' found was devastation -- shards of glass, car parts everywhere and a demolished deck. This, after a car veered off a ramp where Sunrise Highway meets the Seaford–Oyster Bay Expressway around 9 a.m. and crashed into their backyard on Brook Place.

"We have a ramp off the 135 where the vehicles are exiting the highway and coming into the property of my home and they have been doing damage here," Calvin DuBois told CBS2's Charlie Cooper.

The DuBois' say they're concerned for the safety of their five children, especially because another car almost crashed into the backyard just a few hours earlier.

"Last month, we had a vehicle that exited the highway and actually flipped over in the yard," Calvin DuBois said.

The DuBois' are pleading with the Department of Transportation to make the exit safer. They say their request is simple -- extend a guard rail.

"Letters have been written to congressmen, legislatures," only to fall on deaf ears, they say.

"What are they waiting on? For my family to get killed before they do something and say I'm sorry? I'm sorry is not going to cover it," said Marasol DuBois.

The couple is hoping several police reports filed and snapshots of the damage done this time -- the worse it's ever been -- will lead to some help before it's too late.

A spokesperson for the New York State Department of Transportation released the following statement Friday afternoon: "Safety is our top priority. We have taken a close look at this location and are expediting safety enhancements, including new signage, near the ramp. Based on recent events, we will look at taking additional steps to install protective measures at this location, after we complete an engineering analysis."

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