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Jericho tops annual ranking of Long Island high schools

Jericho tops annual ranking of Long Island high schools
Jericho tops annual ranking of Long Island high schools 01:56

JERICHO, N.Y. -- Jericho High School students will have a reason to cheer when they head back to school Wednesday.

"You would have expected, hey, it's still August, I'm not happy to be back. There was none of that," Jericho Schools Superintendent Henry Grishman said.

Faculty and staff in Jericho prepping for the students' return are smiling; their high school was just ranked number one on Long Island, according to U.S. News & World Report.

"Definitely very eagerly looking forward to this town and this school, which enjoys a great reputation," Jericho homeowner Jason Chow said.

The Chows just moved from Europe and are acclimating into their new school district.

"And enjoying to be New Yorker," Sandra Chow said.

Student Justin Chow learned he will be a part of Long Island's very first school opening day in Jericho on Wednesday.

"More fruitful educational experience in the school," Justin Chow said.

When he boards the bus, cameras are in place to catch images of vehicles illegally driving by on both sides of the road, but, unlike Suffolk County, cameras on school buses in Nassau won't be turned on.

The county passed the responsibility to towns to negotiate contracts with the operator, which are still in flux.

"I am disappointed, frustrated. It's something that should have been implemented yesterday," Grishman said.

While it's always been illegal to drive past a school bus with its stop arm extended, state law now allows municipalities to partner with districts to use cameras to hold violators responsible. Districts want them for the safety of those riding buses and predict cameras will be operational by January.

Back at Jericho, Justin Chow is eager for two first-time classes: Green Agriculture Business and Becoming a Licensed Realtor.

"Through this, I can get more experience and more understanding of American culture," Justin Chow said.

Rounding out Long Island's top five in U.S. News & World Report are Garden City, Great Neck South, Manhasset and Herricks high schools. They all go back next week.

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