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Family of man shoved in front of subway, killed faces suspect in Manhattan courtroom: "I wanted to rip his heart out"

Drama in NYC courtroom as suspect in deadly subway push is indicted
Drama in NYC courtroom as suspect in deadly subway push is indicted 02:07

NEW YORK -- The family of a man who was randomly shoved in front of a subway and killed in March came face-to-face with the suspect in a Manhattan courtroom Wednesday.

CBS New York's Derick Waller spoke with subway riders and the victim's heartbroken family.

"My ex-husband was on his way home from work," said Jason Volz's ex-wife.

Volz was getting his life back on track, she says, winning his battle with addiction and reconnecting with their daughter, who's now an adult.

"She's his only daughter and that was his love, that's what he lived for," Volz's ex-wife said.

Only for a total stranger to rip him out of their lives, pushing him in front of a train back on March 25.

Wednesday, 24-year-old Carlton McPherson was indicted and charged with second-degree murder in front of the victim's family.

"Oh my god, I wanted to leap up and rip his f****** heart out," said Volz's aunt Christine Conte.

Police sources say McPherson has a history of mental illness and had been arrested several times before and released.

"Why do they keep blaming everything on medication, on mental illness?" Conte said.

"The main thing is public safety, obviously, that's our concern," Volz's ex-wife said. 

Inside the Lexington Avenue-125th Street station -- where Volz was pushed in front of the train three weeks ago -- people riding the subway said not much has changed.

"It's completely unsafe," rider Erica Balencia said.

"I'm standing here because I don't want to get pushed," said rider Erica M., who was standing with her back against a railing.

CBS New York crews saw people acting erratically and one woman lighting a cigarette.

Some said they feel like anything goes underground.

"Every time I'm here, it's crowded. It's a lot of people that's not riding the train," rider Elijah Muhammad said.

While all that was going on downstairs, the only cops CBS New York crews saw were upstairs, along with National Guard troops.

"Would you like to see them down here?" Waller asked riders.

"There's nobody here, as you can see, and even if you see them, they don't even bother them," Balencia said. 

Conditions that Volz's family fears could lead to another tragedy.

"This could have been anybody," Waller said.

"Anybody ... Our elected officials and us as voters have to take steps to keep laws in place in society so that these things don't occur," Volz's ex-wife said.

This time, McPherson is being held without bail. His next court date is not until later this summer.

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