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Charles J. Muth Museum of Hinchliffe Stadium opens in Paterson; here's a first look inside

Tour New Jersey's new Charles J. Muth Museum of Hinchliffe Stadium
Tour New Jersey's new Charles J. Muth Museum of Hinchliffe Stadium 01:53

PATERSON, N.J. -- A new museum in Paterson is now open with the goal of chronicling the history of Hinchliffe Stadium.

Dr. Joseph Fulmore Sr., a long-time Paterson educator, joined CBS New York's Nick Caloway for a first look at the new Charles J. Muth Museum of Hinchliffe Stadium.

"When I was principal of Public School No. 6, Larry Doby came to visit me and spoke to the kids," Fulmore said.

The museum is perched between Paterson's Great Falls and Hinchliffe, one of only two surviving Negro League ballparks.

The stadium was recently restored, ready for the future.

The museum is here to teach everyone -- especially Paterson's youth -- about Hinchliffe's rich history.

"Whatever their color is, there's something beyond that, inside of them, that they can achieve," Fulmore said.

Montclair State University opened the museum, thanks to a $5 million donation by businessman Charles Muth. He's a Montclair State alumnus and grew up in Paterson, just a few blocks from the museum.

"It's very fortunate my career put me in a position to be able to do this. And I wanted to do something in a significant way to give back and repay the debt to this city that's done so much for me and my family," Muth said.

Officials at Montclair State hope to inspire Paterson's youth by inviting local public school kids to the museum.

Fulmore says the museum highlights far more than just sports. It's about civil rights.

"Now I can come and touch some of the individuals who, through sports, through the academics, were able to bring about changes and also to help people to begin to look through different lenses," he said.

The museum is open, but there's plenty of room to grow.

Curators at the museum are asking people from the area to check their closets and attic for old Hinchliffe Stadium memorabilia that they might want to donate.

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