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Former gynecologist Robert Hadden expected to face 20 years for sexually abusing patients

Convicted former gynecologist expected to face 20 years in prison
Convicted former gynecologist expected to face 20 years in prison 02:19

NEW YORK -- It could be 20 years in prison for former Columbia University gynecologist Robert Hadden, who was convicted of sexually assaulting more than 200 patients during medical exams over the course of decades. 

The judge in the case has proposed a 20-year sentence for Hadden who was in court again Monday, but the sentencing is delayed until Tuesday morning. 

"I'm gonna cry. I'm sorry. It's been a journey of 11 years for me," survivor Laurie Kanyok said. 

Hadden's expected 20-year prison sentence comes after his federal conviction in January on charges of luring women across state lines to abuse them. More than 200 women came forward with claims of sexual assault against the former Manhattan physician, dating back to the 1980s.

Kanyok says she was sexually assaulted during an exam 11 years ago.

"This should've never happened to me. I should've never been in a position to have to call 911. This should've been taken care of instantly," Kanyok said. 

Hadden worked at two prestigious Manhattan hospitals, Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York Presbyterian. In 2016, he surrendered his medical license, but avoided prison time at the state level as part of a plea deal. 

Hadden's attorneys asked for leniency in sentencing, citing mental health issues. But prosecutors called him a prolific predator who used his doctor-patient relationship to sexually assault patients who trusted him. 

Survivors of these attacks have suffered immense trauma, but they say Hadden going away for 20 years is the closest thing to closure they can get.

"And I feel like that's a message that hopefully this day will deliver to women. I have a young daughter, and I'm hoping that people hear this and know, especially women, that they have a voice and they can and should say something, always," Kanyok said. 

Hadden did appear to get emotional in court, even sobbing at times, but survivors told CBS New York's Nick Caloway they don't believe Hadden has shown any remorse. 

Hadden is due back in court Tuesday at 11 a.m. to finish up sentencing. 

During last month's hearing, survivors expressed how the assaults left them with anxiety, depression and the inability to experience joy. 

"For so long, the women, including myself, have felt shame and guilt and have been suppressing the justice that we need," survivor Liz Hall said. 

"The guilt is his to bear, and he's finally, I would hope, bearing some of that. Although, as others have said, he walked into the courtroom and he acts like he's at happy hour, he waves, he looks around," said survivor Amy Yoney.

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