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Former Congressman George Santos appears in Long Island court for conference on federal charges

Disgraced former congressman George Santos appears in federal court
Disgraced former congressman George Santos appears in federal court 02:06

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. -- Disgraced and deposed, dressed in black suede Prada loafers and a navy designer jacket he said were not new, George Santos left federal court in a jovial mood. 

He did not speak to cameras, but had plenty to say to CBS New York's Jennifer McLogan in the elevator ride down from the 10th floor. 

McLogan asked who he planned on voting for in the upcoming special election to replace him. 

"I'm not voting. I'm not interested. I don't vote for Democrats," Santos said. 

It was a slam against Mazi Pilip, the Republican nominee, who is a registered Democrat. 

"I'm not voting in the special election. I'm not on the ballot," Santos said. 

His legal team has grown. Joining attorney Joseph Murray are two new criminal defense attorneys. Santos said they worked for him in the past. 

They are now reviewing thousands of discovery documents while remaining in plea talks. His 23 felony charges could mean up to 22 years in federal prison. 

Since being kicked out of Congress, Santos has been cashing in on celebrity video messaging. He told CBS New York's Marcia Kramer on "The Point" he made more money in seven days than he would've in an entire year in Congress. He denied that's to pay for his new legal team and his lifestyle. 

"Do you miss Congress?" McLogan asked. 

"Sure. It was fun. I worked really hard to get there," Santos said. 

He denied he got there by defrauding donors, lying to election officials, or stealing unemployment benefits. 

Santos said he has turned down several documentary filmmakers, but will be writing a book unless Congress passes the "No Fame for Fraud" resolution. 

The trial is set for September, unless a plea deal is reached. 

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