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Explosion rocks New York home on first night of rental as family moves in

Explosion hits NY house as rental family moves in
Explosion hits NY house as rental family moves in 01:42

MONTICELLO, N.Y. - A family's move into a rental home in the Catskills did not go as planned. 

As they were unloading the moving trucks Saturday night, an explosion rocked the house and likely damaged it beyond repair. 

"We got people to rent out the place, and then it blew up. It's crazy," Ariel Kahn said. 

Kahn's family owns the rental house that soon likely will be torn down after an explosion in the basement cracked the foundation and blew out the windows and doors. It happened Saturday night as Harold Ronk and eight family members were in the process of moving in. 

"I was laying down and, all of a sudden, the house went boom, and shook, and we ran out the door, grab what you could, and go," Ronk said. "We just made the down payment, the month's rent, and it just ended with disaster."

Investigators zeroed in on the propane heat system as a likely cause. 

"The gas line had started leaking, and had filled the basement up with gas and just exploded," Assistant Chief Jon Wells of the Monticello Fire Department said. 

One man suffered burns and was hospitalized. Everyone else got out safely. 

"Hope they're doing OK and whoever's in the hospital is doing OK," Kahn said. 

Kahn said there is significant damage inside the home. Some of the walls and parts of the ceiling have collapsed.

A code inspector visited the scene Monday. If it's safe, the family will be allowed to retrieve belongings. The house has been condemned. 

"This is so terrible, especially the day you move in. You didn't even get a chance, you know?" neighbor Valerie Morrison said. 

Moving is always stressful - but seldom quite like this. 

The Red Cross is assisting the family impacted by the explosion. 

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