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EMT Julia Fatum released from hospital after being stabbed by patient inside ambulance in Manhattan

EMT released from hospital after being stabbed by patient inside ambulance
EMT released from hospital after being stabbed by patient inside ambulance 01:58

NEW YORK -- The Mount Sinai EMT who was stabbed by a patient while on the job last week was released from the hospital Wednesday.

Colleagues and fellow EMTs were left concerned for their safety.

EMT Julia Fatum, in a wheelchair and bandaged with her arm in a sling, was greeted with applause and cheers by her colleagues as she was released from the same hospital where she cares for patients.

"We're just ready to get her home and up and moving again," said Julia's mother, Cara Fatum-Grant.

Fatum's parents and younger brother were there for her release.

Last Wednesday, authorities say Fatum was transporting an emotionally disturbed patient to Mount Sinai West when she was stabbed multiple times in the stomach, leg and arm. The patient has been identified as 48-year old Rudy Garcia, of the Bronx, who police say had eight prior arrests and has been charged with attempted murder and three counts of assault.

"It's just senseless. It's absolutely senseless," Charles Fatum said.

While EMTs are thrilled that their colleague is going to be OK and is being released from the hospital, the concerns remain about their safety inside an ambulance with a potentially emotionally disturbed individual.

"We feel unsafe. Especially when we're just doing our jobs trying to treat the sick and injured," said NYU Langone EMT Bryan Garcia.

Garcia tells us that EMTs have no protection against an attack. One EMT CBS New York spoke to outside the hospital, who did not want to be interviewed, was wearing a bulletproof vest that he said he's been wearing for a year now.

Mayor Eric Adams was asked about the safety of EMTs. He said, "We're going to sit down with their union ... They may have some good ideas. But for the most part, I think we do a good job."

"If this makes a difference in the safety of her fellow EMTs, I know that she would do it all over again," Fatum-Grant said. "I can't believe there's so many people here that can see the value in her. And I hope it makes a difference."

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