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Couple Shares Tearful Reunion After Living 10,000 Miles Apart For 9 Months

1010 WINS- This loving couple was reunited thanks to the kindhearted determination of the staff at British Airways.

Hayley Angell was living with her wife, Lisa Harris, in England when she got the news she was needed back home in her native Australia to take care of her dying father.

Since another airplane ticket was a little too out of reach for the pair, Lisa was stuck in the U.K., unable to see her wife for nine whole months. That's when she reached out to British Airways for help. Following Hayley's father's passing, the airline stepped in with first class tickets and a ride to and from the airport for Hayley and her mom to make a trip back to Britain for a long-overdue visit.

Lisa broke the news to Hayley via video, who was working at a conference and had no clue what was happening until she saw Lisa's face on the big screen.

"Babe, I know how difficult it was," Lisa says in the video, "when you had to leave back in February. How much you've missed the U.K. and me, and mainly the dog. So, I have a little surprise for you. I wrote to British Airways and told them about your story and they called me back with a wonderful, wonderful surprise.

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"My love, you're being flown back to the U.K. tomorrow for a two week holiday to see me, and the dog, and all of your friends. And they're flying you back business class as well, so you'll have a glass of champagne the whole way home in your hand."

Lisa was able to pull off the surprise of a lifetime -- and having Hayley's mother, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, there made the trip.

What an incredible surprise that took this couple's love around the world and back!

Watch the full video below.

British Airways Reunites Couple Living 10,000 Miles Apart by British Airways on YouTube

-Joe Cingrana

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