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B&C Morning Show: The Dez Bryant Rules And Celebrating Dick (James)

Craig gives us the run-down on the brand new Dez Bryant rules. After Dez's history of not being able to stay out of trouble, the Cowboys will have a team employee follow him around at all times. He is forbidden to go to strip clubs or to drink alcohol of any kind. Craig likes that at least there are people in his life that care enough to make sure the kid is doing the right things, especially when you consider what a phenomenal talent he is.

Then, just as Jerry was about to launch into one of his fine updates, Craig received an email from the boss man. Mark Chernoff sent out a message to everyone on the FAN mailing list with a rather suggestive title when taken out of context. The subject line read, "CELEBRATING DICK THIS WEDNESDAY."

Go ahead and laugh, because all of us sure as heck did. In actuality, WFAN is saying goodbye to one of our long-time engineers, Dick James. So on behalf of all of us here at WFAN, we declare tomorrow to be Dick Day. How will you celebrate?

LISTEN: The Dez Bryant Rules & Celebrating Dick (James)

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