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B&C Morning Show: Just Make Jason Bay Go Away?

With the 2012 'Pulse of the People' award presentation right around the corner (7/3), Craig (a 3-time POTP winner and 2012 nominee) decided to try and get a gauge on Mets fans by posing a 'make believe' scenario, asking Amazins' fans if they could wave a 'magic wand' and rid themselves of Jason Bay -- with no repercussions at all -- would they?

Boomer -- who is a Mets fan, as well as the 2011 POTP award winner and 2012 nominee -- played along with his radio partner's little game and went on record saying that he would elect to keep the much maligned 'slugger' - despite his well documented struggles as a member of the Mets.  A sentiment echoed by many of the callers.

Perhaps foreshadowing for this year's POTP?  Only time will tell...

LISTEN: Just Make Jason Bay Go Away?  (06/05)

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