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NYPD: 14-year-old Aunisty Elliot missing for a week in Brooklyn

Teenage girl missing for a week in Brooklyn
Teenage girl missing for a week in Brooklyn 02:57

UPDATE 8/4/22: NYPD: Missing Brooklyn teenager found safe

NEW YORK -- A Brooklyn mother is desperate for her daughter's safe return after the 14-year-old disappeared a week ago. 

"I know my child is coming home," Raquel Elliot said during a rally Tuesday night. 

Police say Aunisty Elliot was last seen leaving her family's home around 11 a.m. on July 27 in Prospect Heights.

"As a mom whose child never leaves her side, this is hard. Aunisty and I are inseparable," Raquel Elliott said.

Her mother says there's no reason to believe she was depressed or in any trouble. 

"If somebody is with my child, Aunisty... If you have her, bring her home. You can drop her off at any police station," she said. 

Aunisty Elliot
Aunisty Elliot NYPD Crime Stoppers

Loved ones held a rally Tuesday outside the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, hoping for her safe return home and the coverages the case deserves.

"Very few people know that Aunisty is missing. Very people have done anything about it. Very few people have covered this story," said her aunt, Holly. "We need to make it a priority to take care of our Black and brown children, specifically our Black and brown young ladies who are so heavily trafficked and taken away from their homes at a young age, and so heavily influenced."

"This city should be knocking on every door and turning over every stone looking for Aunisty Elliott," Councilmember Crystal Hudson added." Black children are missing at greater rates than any other children in this country. Thirty-seven percent of missing children in this country are Black."

Elliott has dark hair with purple highlights. She's 5 feet 5 inches tall and wears glasses. 

"I want her to know right now that I love her," her mother said. "If you can hear me baby, and if you're feeling unsafe, remember everything I taught you baby and be strong."

The teen was last seen wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt with the words "the fresh senior" on it.

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