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A Look Back: "Our Block" - Flushing

A Look Back: "Our Block" goes to Flushing, Queens
A Look Back: "Our Block" goes to Flushing, Queens 18:40

NEW YORK - In this installment of  "Our Block," the late, legendary CBS2 reporter Vic Miles takes us to Flushing, Queens in 1983. 


Vic visits Union Street and 41st Avenue, where a neighborhood was going through major changes with a new wave of immigrants calling Queens home. This took place while some residents there voiced their concerns about the changing demographics.


We also meet some amazing people who once lived and attended school near Union Street. Vic introduces us to a young boy named Andre, who was born with a birth defect and adopted by a local bus driver at his school. That driver was a single mother of eight kids back in 1983. 

Our community reporter Elle McLogan was able to track down Andre, who is now living in Florida, and we find out how he's doing today.

We also see the story of a high school athlete at nearby Holy Cross High School named Yves, an immigrant from Haiti who was looking at Ivy League schools to pursue academics and athletics. Elle also spoke with Yves, who is now living on the West Coast, but explains how his experience living in Flushing led him to his current career.

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