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72-year-old riding mobility scooter struck and killed at Bronx intersection, no charges

72-year-old on scooter struck and killed in Throggs Neck section of Bronx
72-year-old on scooter struck and killed in Throggs Neck section of Bronx 00:38

NEW YORK -- A 72-year-old man riding an electric mobility scooter was struck and killed overnight in the Bronx.

According to police, John Dellava was crossing East Tremont Avenue near Roosevelt Avenue when a car hit him so hard the right headlight shattered.

"Like boom, coming there and you look in the back, you see the guy. He fell there, died," Tamer Mabrouk, a halal cart owner, told CBS2's Christina Fan on Sunday.

Mabrouk said he often helped escort the elderly man to and from the nearby CVS. He said drivers speed through the intersection, which does not have traffic lights or crosswalks.

"Six years ago, somebody came by, pass there for CVS, this happened ... Same thing," Mabrouk said.

The driver, 25, remained at the scene for questioning and was released without charges, police said.

"Not good, not good. I've seen it several times within the past couple of years, especially in this area of Tremont. It is a busy street," Bronx resident Michael Mellusi said.

Investigators do not suspect criminality at this time.

The elderly man's death came days after Mayor Eric Adams announced a million-dollar traffic safety campaign aimed at combating speeding and reckless driving. It followed a plan to redesign 1,000 intersections.

"We're going to lean into what's called traffic stop stats because we need to monitor in real time and apply the resources where they're needed," Adams said.

Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy group for safe streets, said more than 75 people, including nine children, have been killed in the city so far in 2022.

"We have to ensure that we're prioritizing our children over 6,500-pound SUVs," said Executive Director Danny Harris.

In a little more than a week, at least eight other people have died after getting hit by cars or trucks in New York City.

Wednesday, 16-year-old Alissa Kolenovic was hit by a box truck and killed on her way to school in the Bronx. Her family said the area is unsafe and that a traffic light should be installed.

Friday, a 55-year-old deliveryman on an electric scooter was struck and killed in Brooklyn, prompting neighbors to call for more visible enforcement.

"I mean, it's pretty reckless. These e-bikes and even people who are on the electric bicycles, they really aren't obeying the traffic rules," Jonathan Schneider said.

"The intersection here is a bit crazy. I think that the corner is a bit blind and the bike lanes sometimes are a little not protected in certain areas," Will Rogers said.

Transportation safety advocates say traffic-related fatalities have been rising in the city over the last four years.   

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