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First Alert Forecast: NYC reaches near-record temperatures; Storm chance Sunday

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First Alert Forecast: CBS2 5/21 Nightly Weather at 11PM 03:12

Weekend forecast: hot, hot, hot! We have a Red Alert issued for Saturday and Sunday due to the expected heat, as well as a risk for a few strong storms late Sunday afternoon.

While we're not talking a heat wave or anything like that, it's the first of the season and hottest days since last August.


A Heat Advisory remains in effect through Sunday for inland locations.

It stays warm and muggy tonight with temps falling into the 60s and low 70s.


Sunday will be another hot one ... just a couple degrees lower with highs in the low 90s. We're fine through midday before a cold front approaches in the afternoon.

Any time after 2 or 3 p.m. or so, some showers and thunderstorms will be possible. A few could be strong to severe, with the best risk of that to the north and west.

That'll be a classic "heat breaker" with temps back into the 70s on Monday.


Have a great weekend. Stay cool and stay safe!


Doctors urge Tri-State Area residents to stay safe in extreme heat

Doctors urge Tri-State Area residents to stay safe in extreme heat 02:13

Saturday's extreme heat brought people out to the beach and the park, but as CBS2's Leah Mishkin reports, doctors warn in these high temperatures, you have to take precautions.

Central Park was packed with people, but many were searching for a shaded area or having a quick meal before getting back into the air conditioning.

John Caudill and Karen Sterling braved the heat for a good cause. They had a biking event to raise money for cancer research.

"I pour water on this [towel] all day and then put it on me and pour water on my head," Caudill said.

When CBS2 saw them, they were on their way out of Central Park to cool off. 

"Heading home, yeah. Definitely," Caudill said.

Pietra Parker was on her way into the park to do a birthday performance, keeping a fan on hand until the surprise.

"Did the heat impact the outfit choice?" Mishkin asked.

"Never. I only worry about being fabulous," Parker said. "I'm happy that we have this weather now because I don't really like winter or cold."

"It's good to be outside," one person said.

A lot of people felt that way, including a mother and her daughters at Orchard Beach.

"Finally the weather has broken and we are here to enjoy the sun," Emilia Mercado said.

The director of emergency medicine at Hudson Regional Hospital just advices people to listen to your body in these high temperatures.

"If you feel that you feel lightheaded, thirsty, dizzy, most important thing is get to a cool area, try to remove some clothing. If necessary lay down, drink some cold water. The best way to cool your body off is to spray mist on your body ... and if that doesn't help out, then of course, call 911, seek medical care," Dr. Alexander Sarenac said.

A softball team told CBS2 they were ready to go home after winning their game.

"Oh, it was hot. We had to drink a lot of water, but it was very fun," Upper East Side resident Danny Butler said.

The manager of P.C. Richards & Son says air conditioners are starting to fly off the shelves.

"A lot of people are coming in for the deals on air conditioners now," manager Daniel Malangone said.

That includes a Queens resident who told CBS2, "The weather is getting so hot, so I need to keep it cool."

Air conditioning sounds like a great idea, especially for Sunday with more high temperatures expect. The doctor Mishkin spoke with said if you are outside, just take precautions, like wearing a hat or something to cover your head and also loose clothing, he says, helps.


How New Yorkers can stay cool

Looking to beat the heat this weekend?

The New York parks department has a map showing where you can cool off with public spray showers, drinking fountains, shady spots and more. Click here to check it out.

For advice from the city health department on how to stay safe in extreme heat, click here.

By CBS New York Team

New Yorkers try to stay cool during early scorcher

Tri-State Area residents urged to take precautions in extreme heat 02:19

It was a rough winter, and add a pandemic on top of it.

Emilia Mercado's family told CBS2's Leah Mishkin they couldn't wait to hit Orchard Beach together.

"Just to be able to enjoy our borough, just to be able to enjoy the beach right now is incredible after working hard all winter long," she said.

"And surviving," another person said.

The beach is an ideal spot with the high temperatures. So is air conditioning or ice cream.

"We're still looking for someone with a pool," Manhattan resident Marisa Hattler said.

Hattler and her friends had a picnic in Central Park but were on their way home when CBS2 caught up with them.

"The sun zapped all our energy," one person said.

"It was exhausting, but it was very fun," Hattler said.

The director of emergency medicine at Hudson Regional Hospital says it's important to listen to your body when temperatures hit these levels.

"Patients that are greater at risk are elderly patients who have a history of hypertension, diabetes. Taking medications can put them more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke," Dr. Alexander Sarenac said.

Sarenac says if you feel light-headed or dizzy, go to a cool area.

"Try to spray some cool water on yourself, sit down, lay down, if necessary elevate your legs, and if that doesn't help out, then of course call 911, seek medical care," he said.

The manager of P.C. Richards & Son says air conditioners are starting to fly off the shelves.

"People are coming in for the deals on the air conditioners now. The heat is the wake-up call that it's here and we got to get that shopping done," manager Daneil Malangone said.

If you plan to be spending time outdoors, doctors also suggest wearing loose clothing and a hat or something to cover your head.


Saturday scorcher, but lifeguards not yet on duty at NYC beaches

Lifeguards not yet on duty at NYC beaches 02:25

Many New Yorkers will likely try to beat the heat with a trip to the beach on Saturday, but be warned: lifeguards will not be on duty at city beaches this weekend.

It might be tempting to take a dip, but this really isn't the week. Lifeguards will not be on duty until Memorial Day weekend.

Read more  

By Christina Fan

Preventing heatstroke

With the weekend warmup, New York health officials are reminding people to use extra caution this weekend and offering guidance to prevent heatstroke.

New York state health officials offer heatstroke guidance 00:30

They say never leave vulnerable adults, children or pets alone in a car. Temperatures in the 60s outside can cause the temperature inside the car to rise above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Twenty-three children died in 2021 after being left in hot cars, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

By CBS New York Team
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