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Do I have to cancel my internet when I move?

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So you're moving; have you thought about your internet plan yet? It can be easy to let that fall to the bottom of your list while you worry about things like packing, moving furniture, and planning out the big move-in day for your new home. But being stuck without internet for any amount of time -- especially right before, during or after a big move -- can be a real drag.

So what are your options? If you think you have to cancel your internet plan and pay termination fees, we have some potentially good news. Depending on your location and current internet service provider, you may be able to keep your internet for a quick and easy transfer.

Do I have to cancel my internet when I move?

Short answer: Not necessarily. You may be able to keep the internet plan you currently have and simply transfer service when it's time to move. Most internet companies and providers make it easy to transfer service, with online guides and helpful representatives on standby to walk you through the process.

So what would require you to cancel your internet? If you're moving somewhere not covered by your current internet plan, you'll need to say goodbye to your provider and look for a new service. This may be good news, as you might luck out and find a better deal or faster internet speeds with coverage for your new home or apartment. 

We have all the details on whether you should cancel or transfer service when moving, plus info on how (and when) to avoid any gaps during your move.

Should I tell my internet service provider (ISP) I'm moving?

One of the first things you should do before a big move is get in touch with your ISP. This is your chance to ask questions and find out what your internet options are for your new home. Interested in keeping the same internet service you have now? Your ISP can tell you whether your new address falls under its coverage area.

If it does, this is your opportunity to decide between transferring service or shopping around for something different. There might be other service providers with faster internet speeds available at your new spot, so don't miss your chance to double check other internet plans.

Are you moving to a busy area like New York City? Some of the fastest internet plans out there like Verizon Fios and Optimum have available coverages in the iconic metro area; Fios lists all of NYC as part of its coverage area while Optimum reaches households and apartments throughout Brooklyn and the Bronx. 

With internet speeds of up to 2.3Gbps, Verizon home internet plans are some of the fastest out there. This is especially true if your new home or apartment qualifies for Fios' fiber-optic network, which already delivers lightning fast speeds to plenty of homes across the east coast area. 

What happens to my internet plan if I move?

Your ISP can guide you through the process of transferring or canceling service when you move. Many internet plans come with a cancellation or early termination fee, but if you're moving to an area without coverage you might be able to avoid paying an extra charge -- talk with your ISP before the big move-in day to learn more. 

Early termination fees typically do not apply if you move and transfer service.

How do I cancel or transfer service before I move?

Once you give your ISP a heads up that you're moving (we recommend calling between two weeks and 30 days before you move at a minimum), your ISP rep will walk you through a potential transfer of internet service. This can include an appointment for a technician to set up service at your new place -- this is another reason why it's important to get a head start on the process.

Next on the to-do list is to set up a transfer date. Work with your ISP rep to pick a day to disconnect service at your old location and get everything up and running at your new home or apartment. Planning this out ahead of time lets you iron out any more details such as the set up of a new router or other equipment. 

It's just good practice to set a concrete transfer date, too. That way you can be sure that when you start unpacking and getting ready to live in your new house, your internet is already good to go. This can be super helpful if you use it for remote work, online school, or even just coordinating other parts of your big move. You've got to use the internet for nearly everything these days. Make sure it's up and running as soon as possible.

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