White House Dogs At 'Odds'

The White House is out with what's become its annual "Barney Cam" holiday video, showing holiday doings from a supposed dog's point of view.

The stars are President Bush's Scottish terriers, Barney and 1-year-old Miss Beazley.

As CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante

, this year's version, called "A Very Beazley Christmas," an increasingly "jealous" Barney.

During the spoof, White House Chief of Staff Andy Card is seen asking Barney, "Are you ready for the holidays? It's going to be great this year. You've got a new sister. Miss Beazley is terrific. She's gonna have a great holiday."

Actually, Miss Beazley is Barney's niece. His half-brother is Miss Beazley's father. She was a birthday gift from Laura Bush to the president last year.

In this year's video, Barney is shown "changing channels" from one TV news show to another and coming upon report after report about Miss Beazley.

To make matters worse, she's showing well in the polls.

"Oooo, Barney, have you seen the latest presidential pet poll numbers?" Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, asks Barney. "Not good. Your numbers are way down. But don't worry about it. Remember, polls are just a snapshot in time, that's right. And besides, look, Miss Beazley's numbers are way up."

So, to get even, Barney decides to swipe her gifts, and they end up hidden all over the White House.

It's not until Barney and Miss Beazley are faced with an Oval Office meeting that they learn to play nice.

"Now, Miss Beazley," Mr. Bush says, "I understand you've been a media hound? Perhaps this is a case of sibling rivalry. Both of you are an important part of our family. And you have to remember the true meaning of the holiday season. Now you two run on. I've got a lot of work to do."