White House Doggie Intrigue

You probably know that the Bush family is getting a new pet to join Barney. Her name is Miss Beazley. And how is Barney taking this?

CBS News Correspondent Bill Plante did some digging to find out, and landed an "exclusive."

It's in the form of a videotape that a source sneaked to Plante.

The tape opens with President Bush on one knee in the Oval Office, lecturing Barney.

"Barney," the president says, "I know you want to be in my Cabinet, but I've already given you an important job. Your job is to take care of Miss Beazley. Your job is to welcome her into our family."

In the tape, Plante is seen reporting "a major development. Barney has apparently lost Miss Beasley!"

The pooch is seen looking frantically all around the White House, hoping to find her. To no avail. Miss Beazley was still missing, Barney had to conclude.

Then comes this fateful conversation with first lady Laura Bush: "Barney, you're such a responsible dog. I know you've been practicing on how to take care of Miss Beazley. But, don't worry. You've got plenty of time to practice. Miss Beazley won't be here until January."

A visibly relieved Barney then leaps for joy, onto his hind legs.

The tape concludes with Mrs. Bush saying, "President Bush and I wish everyone a very happy holiday."

Plante concedes to The Early Show anchors, "That is the great part of this job: You get to work with all creatures, great and small!"

Co-anchor Julie Chen concludes Plante has quite a nose for news.