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​Watch the Terminator blow up a tusk as a warning to ivory poachers

Anti-poaching activists just got some major muscle.

The Wildlife Conservation Society got the Terminator himself to star in an explosive PSA for its anti-poaching campaign 96 Elephants. In the video, Arnold Schwarzenegger, gripping a tusk in his massive hand, peers menacingly through his aviators at the camera and warns, "Hey, stop killing 96 elephants every day just because of this ivory. Let's get rid of the demand once and for all."

Zoom in on: fingers rigging up an explosion. Pan out and pow, the tusk explodes, blown to smithereens.

WCS is trying to build support for tightening restrictions on commercial ivory trading in the United States, the world's second largest ivory market after China, which earlier this year imposed a one-year ban on ivory imports.

Limits on ivory sales, proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and backed by WCS, have faced opposition both by powerful entities such as the National Rifle Association and a rider to a House Interior Appropriations Bill that the organization says would "undermine efforts by the FWS to curtail the illegal trade of ivory in the United States."

"We are extremely grateful Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the 96 Elephants campaign, and we are hopeful that his global following of fans will become allies to stop the killing, stop the trafficking and stop the demand of ivory," said John Calvelli, director of 96 Elephants.

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