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Watch: 45 movies snubbed by Oscar

The annual hand-wringing that accompanies the announcement of Academy Award nominations -- when a movie's passionate fans are left slack-jawed over their favored piece of cinema going ignored -- was at a high pitch this week.

The 2015 Oscar nominations did not mention the names Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, Jake Gyllenhall, David Oyelowo, Joaquin Phoenix or Tilda Swinton, to name a few, and several critically-acclaimed films that could have slipped into the Best Picture category (such as "Begin Again," "Foxcatcher," "Gone Girl," "The Immigrant," "Snowpiercer" or "Under the Skin") couldn't squeeze in. The Best Animated Feature and Best Foreign Language Film categories also had their share of shocking omissions ("The Lego Movie" in the former, "Force Majeure" in the latter).

But while losers commiserate that it's nice just to be nominated, those who have gone un-nominated should take comfort in the fact that many, many timeless classics have been in a similar situation.

Since the Academy Awards were initiated in 1927 through 2015, 527 films have been nominated for the honor of Best Picture. And as the video above reminds us, many undisputed classics were not recognized by their peers at the time of their release.

Fortunately, a film doesn't need a golden statue to be a classic -- here are just 45 of them ...

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