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Virtualise Your Desktop | BTalk Australia


(Episode 301; 9 minutes 22) Virtualisation is a technology being used by most large companies, but the focus has been on server virtualisation. Now, it seems, the adoption of virtualisation has slowed as companies are left with servers that are harder to virtualise. Desktop virtualisation provides a new opportunity.

On today's BTalk Australia Phil Dobbie talks to Toby Knight, the director of Desktop technology at Citrix Australia. He explains how desktop virtualisation provides flexibility for the user and helps the IT team to keep control of the components on the work desktop.

Citrix has high hopes for their Xen Desktop application. The client-side software will be free to download and laptops will soon come with the software preloaded. Citrix say the product will revolutionise how we manage our desktops. In fact, they reckon companies will soon be spending more on office supplies and coffee than they do on desktop management. Given coffee consumption in the Australian workplace that might not be such a big call!

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