Veterinarian accused of shooting, killing neighbor's dog

Kelly Folse (inset left), a Louisiana veterinarian accused of shooting her neighbor's dog Bruiser (inset right) in the backyard of this River Ridge, Louisiana home.

CBS affiliate WWL

RIVER RIDGE, La. — Deputies say a Louisiana veterinarian shot and killed a neighbor's dog because it barked too much and was aggressive, reports CBS affiliate WWL. Kelly Folse, 35, was booked for aggravated cruelty to animals, illegal discharge of a firearm, and drug possession.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, officers responded to a veterinary hospital on Dec. 13 after receiving a report of a dog that had been shot in the head. The 15-month-old American bull dog named Bruiser was severely injured and eventually died on Dec. 14. 

The investigation quickly centered on Folse, the next-door neighbor of the family that owned the dog. The sheriff's office said that Folse made numerous prior threats towards the dog because she thought it barked too much and she alleged it was aggressive. Investigators said they did not find any evidence that the dog had been aggressive.

"This is crazy," Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said. "I don't know what world we are living in where this is okay. Whether this is you, me or anybody else....for a vet, I mean, give me a break people."

"We can all complain about someone's barking dog, but this is over the top," he continued. 

During a search of Folse's home, deputies found two different types of narcotics, one of which they believe Folse obtained through a prescription for her pets.

Deputies said Folse worked at the veterinary hospital that treated Bruiser, but said that she was not involved in the dog's care. 

Scott Abadie, the owner of the facility, said the sight of Bruiser at the hospital will "stay with me forever."

"He had a bullet hole in the back of his head. An entry hole, and it came out through his right eye," Abadie said. 

Abadie said he terminated Folse, who he said had previously had a good reputation at the veterinary practice, the same day Bruiser passed away. 

Lopinto said there are no other complaints against Folse of animal cruelty at this time, however the investigation is ongoing.  

Folse's family called the allegations against her outrageous and told WWL that Folse is and has always been an animal lover.