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Trump scores higher Facebook interactions than Clinton

Trump reveals VP
Trump announces running mate on Twitter 09:04

Before the Republican National Convention, GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, held more social media clout on Facebook compared to his campaign rival Hillary Clinton, whom he is fond of referring to as "crooked Hillary."

By the first day of the Democratic National Convention, both candidates have been able to continue to grow their social media exposure through Facebook, according to the social media giant itself.

Trump has surged on Facebook engagement, due largely to a fairly dramatic Republican National Convention.

According to aggregated Facebook data, measured from June 24 to July 23, Trump had around 41 million unique Facebook users engaging with his campaign through comments, likes, posts and shares nearly 385 million times nationwide.

Trump using surrogates and tweets to hit Clinton 02:35

Clinton, on the other hand, had about 32 million unique Facebook users, or 9 million less than Trump. Clinton's 32 million unique users engaged in topics relevant to her campaign through comments, likes, posts and shares around 284 million times in the U.S.

Since the last Facebook data set on the candidates was released before the Republican National Convention, Trump has been able to grow his total number of unique users by about 14 million, or 51 percent. And he was able to grow his total number of interactions by 163 million, or 74 percent.

Within the same timeframe, Clinton saw her unique Facebook users increase by 7 million nationwide, or approximately 29 percent. She gained 69 million new interactions, an increase of 32 percent.

In the Keystone State, Trump had around 1.6 million users engaging in about 15 million interactions, compared to Clinton's 1.2 million users engaging in about 10.5 million interactions.

The data averages suggest that Facebook users for Trump are slightly more active than Facebook users for Clinton.

Facebook also released data about the top political issues discussed among its users in the last month. In order, they are as follows: crime and criminal justice, government ethics, racial issues, religion, homeland security and terrorism.

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