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COVER STORY: Rescuing art: The creativity and science of restoration | Watch Video
The painstaking work of art restoration is often done in a studio or a lab, removing decades of dulling dirt and dust, or repairing works that has been damaged, always with the aim of helping art – meant to stand the test of time – keep time at bay. Lee Cowan reports.

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Amanda Serrano and Heather Hardy fight for the WBO featherweight title at Madison Square Garden in New York City. CBS News

SPORTS: Women in the ring: Female boxers | Watch Video
Heather Hardy and Amanda Serrano, two of the biggest names in women's boxing, have known each other for years. But recently, when they climbed into the ring at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, they weren't thinking about their friendship. They were thinking about combat. Correspondent Kelefa Sanneh talked with exemplars of a sport that still receives much less recognition than men's boxing, and where prizefighting comes without much of a prize.

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Artist David Sipley shows correspondent Rita Braver illustrations of western jays. CBS News

ART: For the birds: Illustrator David Sibley | Watch Video
David Sibley has been called the most important illustrator of birds since John James Audubon or Roger Torey Petersen, and his "Sibley Guides to Birds" have sold more than two million copies. Rita Braver finds out how the bird fancier became one of the most respected and successful chroniclers of bird life. 

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: David Sibley: Growing up as a birder
Illustrator David Sibley, famed for the bestselling "Sibley Guide to Birds," talks with correspondent Rita Braver about his youthful interest in bird-watching, and how being the son of a noted ornithologist, Yale professor Fred Sibley, led to his career.

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The Jane Pauley Community Health Center (Video)
It happened this past Friday: a 10th anniversary celebration for an Indianapolis-area health center . . . named for a graduate of local Warren Central High School. Today, the Jane Pauley Community Health Center operates 22 clinics in five counties, with nearly 94,000 patient visits last year.

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John le Carré's new novel, "Angel Running in the Field," examines how the British public, he says, is being "bamboozled by people with private interests" and European allies are being turned into enemies. CBS News

BOOKS: Master of intrigue John le Carré on his latest villain: Brexit | Watch Video
John le Carré is 88 now, and 25 novels, 10 films and 6 TV adaptations later, he has new villains: The people trying to take Britain out of the European Union. The author talks with Mark Phillips about his latest novel of intrigue, "Agent Running in the Field," which examines how the British public is being "bamboozled by people with private interests" in the push for Brexit.

BOOK AND AUDIO EXCERPT: "Agent Running in the Field" by John le Carré

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: John le Carré reads from "Agent Running in the Field"
What lies within the heart of a secret agent, and how would he convince others to betray their countries for the benefit of his own? In this web exclusive, author John le Carré reads a passage from his latest novel, "Agent Running in the Field," to elucidate the motives and morals of secretive figures in the intelligence world.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: The secret world of John le Carré (Video)
The putative end of the Cold War didn't mark the end for master spy storyteller John le Carré, who continued to write thrilling bestsellers of international intrigue and duplicity. Mark Phillips talked with the writer about how his "secret world" hadn't changed all that much, and with London tailor Douglas Hayward, who served as a source of inspiration for the British expat who finds himself in the middle of a plot in crime-and drug-ridden Panama City, in le Carré's novel, "The Tailor of Panama." Originally broadcast on "CBS Sunday Morning" November 17, 1996.

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On the Greek island of Ikaria, where life expectancy is among the highest in the world, residents credit the local honey. CBS News

FOOD: Ikarian honey: The secret ingredient to long life? | Watch Video
On this Greek island, where life expectancy is among the highest in the world, residents credit the local honey. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

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"Mobituaries": "Drink to Thomas Paine!"

"MOBITUARIES": Thomas Paine and the death of a forgotten founding father
Mo Rocca pulls out all the stops to honor the Revolutionary author whose pamphlets lit the fuse for American independence but who remains little-remembered today. 

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Tom Brokaw with Jane Pauley in Big Sky Country. CBS News

JOURNALISM: Tom Brokaw: Yesterday, "Today" and tomorrow | Watch Video
For five decades journalist and storyteller Tom Brokaw served as a pillar of NBC News, reporting from such hotspots as Tiananmen Square and the Berlin Wall. His 1998 book, "The Greatest Generation," became a bestselling testimonial to the men and women who selflessly fought, and won, World War II. Then, six years ago he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Brokaw talks about his fight to overcome bone marrow cancer with "Sunday Morning" host Jane Pauley, his former colleague from the "Today" show.

PODCAST: Listen to an extended interview between Jane Pauley and Tom Brokaw

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 Reince Priebus: "A Warning" author Anonymous is "dishonorable" | Watch Video
President Trump's first chief of staff calls the secretive "senior Trump administration official" behind a new tell-all book a "coward." Major Garrett reports. 

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  • "A Warning" by Anonymous (Twelve), in Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, available via Amazon
Renee Powell with correspondent James Brown at St. Andrews in Scotland. CBS News

SPORTS: Renee Powell: A driving force in golf | Watch Video
At the Clearview Golf Course in East Canton, Ohio – the first golf course in the U.S. designed, built, owned and operated by an African-American – women are taking part in Clearview Hope, the first golf program for female military veterans in America. It was begun by Renee Powell, the second African-American to play on the LPGA Tour. She and her brother, groundskeeper Larry Powell, talked with CBS News special correspondent James Brown about how their father, a World War II veteran, turned a former dairy farm into an 18-hole public course, and how her family did not let roadblocks stand in the way of their love for the sport.

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Week of November 18 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

Bison in South Dakota (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to Custer State Park, in Custer, South Dakota, where the buffalo roam. Videographer: Charles Schultz.

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The U.S. Capitol building opens | Watch Video
On November 17, 1800, the United States Congress met for the very first time in the as-yet-unfinished Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Jane Pauley reports. 

The fall of the Berlin Wall
Looking back at the wall that once divided Germany during the Cold War, and its collapse in November 1989.      

Arts & events around the U.S. (November 15)
Check out the "Sunday Morning" listings of art openings and events this week.

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