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COVER STORY: The debate over the geographical center of North America | Watch Video
For years Rugby, North Dakota, a tiny spot on the prairie, had made a name for itself from its designation as the geographical center of the North American continent – that is, until a bar owner in the town of Robinson, about a hundred miles south, used some string and a globe to claim his town was the true center. Correspondent Lee Cowan visited these unassuming contestants in a tectonic battle for bragging rights, and talked with a geography professor who, armed with latitudes, longitudes and algorithms, may have laid the question of center to rest.

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Maps are an incalculable asset, when your GPS is "recalculating." Alamy

TRAVEL: Navigating our reliance on maps | Watch Video
Correspondent Martha Teichner charts a course through the history of mapmaking, and the rise of road atlases, which, to our surprise, have not died out with the advent of GPS.

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The pandemic scuttled Adrian Charley's plans to visit Paris, but she got to travel there anyway, virtually.  CBS News

TRAVEL: VR Vacations: Globetrotting via virtual reality (Video)
Virtual travel through immersive technologies is allowing those stuck at home to experience the world despite a global pandemic. Correspondent Mo Rocca and his avatar explore the world of VR, passport not required.

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Former Senator Bob Dole and former Senator Elizabeth Dole, with correspondent Rita Braver. CBS News

POLITICS: Bob and Elizabeth Dole's long personal and political history | Watch Video
Former Senator and presidential nominee Bob Dole and former Senator and Cabinet Secretary Elizabeth Dole are one of Washington's most celebrated power couples. Correspondent Rita Braver sits down with the 97-year-old World War II veteran, who is taking his diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer in stride, and his wife, to talk about their continued public service.

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PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers some of the notable figures who left us this week, including actor Gavin MacLeod, of TV's "Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Love Boat."

Actor Samuel E. Wright starred on Broadway in "The Lion King," "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Pippin" and "The Tap Dance Kid."  CBS News

WEB EXTRA: Remembering actor Samuel E. Wright (Video)
"Sunday Morning" correspondent David Pogue looks back at the life of veteran Broadway actor Samuel E. Wright, who starred on stage in "The Lion King," but is best known as the voice of Sebastian the Crab in the animated Disney musical, "The Little Mermaid."  

VINTAGE: Yard sale finds: Treasures of the hunt (Video)
While supply chain problems have created a backlog for new furniture, sales of vintage home furnishings, easily available online, has exploded. Correspondent Serena Altschul reports on what experts call the "circular economy," and how the internet is changing the nature of 'vintage' in the 21st century.

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Marine Cpl. Hershel "Woody" Williams received a Medal of Honor after the Battle of Iwo Jima, but his service to his country was just beginning.  CBS News

VETERANS: A Medal of Honor recipient's continued service | Watch Video
During the Battle of Iwo Jima, in the face of powerful enemy resistance, Marine Cpl. Hershel "Woody" Williams succeeded in destroying several heavily-defended machine-gun pillboxes, and was awarded the Medal of Honor. But his service to his country, and his gallantry, did not end there. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin talked with the 97-year-old Williams, the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from World War II, about his continuing efforts for Gold Star families.

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Practicing for Taps Across America. CBS News

HARTMAN: Taps Across America, reprised (Video)
Last year on Memorial Day, musicians from all 50 states played "Taps" in what turned out to be one of the largest musical tributes of all time. Taps Across America is back this year, and correspondent Steve Hartman talked with some of the musicians, young and old, who will be participating.

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Comic Rich Little, with "CBS Sunday Morning" correspondent Tracy Smith.  CBS News

COMEDY: Rich Little, still making a great impression | Watch Video
At 82 Rich Little, who has impersonated hundreds of celebrities and politicians over the years, shows no signs of letting up. Correspondent Tracy Smith sits down with the comedian and impressionist, now performing in Las Vegas, to talk about the presidents, movie stars and TV icons, like Johnny Carson, who have all been given the Rich Little treatment.

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PHYSICS: Exploring the boundaries of time travelWatch Video
Breaking the bonds of time has been a timeless pursuit in science fiction stories and movies. Will it ever become science fact? Correspondent Faith Salie explores the possibilities of taking a journey to the future, or the past, even without a souped-up DeLorean.

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COMMENTARY: Memories of the Tulsa Massacre | Watch Video
One hundred years ago, a White mob in Tulsa, Okla., killed 300 Black people and reduced the thriving Black community of Greenwood – also known as Black Wall Street – to ashes. New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow talks about one of the most notorious massacres in American history and those who witnessed it.

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TRIBUTE: A tribute to "Sunday Morning" writer Tom Harris (Video)
Broadcast writer Thomas Harris is retiring this weekend, after 43 years at CBS – and more than 1,000 Sunday mornings for which he found just the right words. Jane Pauley shares a few words in thanks.

NATURE: Yosemite National Park (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us amidst the splendors of Yosemite National Park in California. Videographer: Scot Miller.

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