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James Brown On 'The Ed Sullivan Show'
TV host Ed Sullivan shakes hands with soul singer James Brown on the set of "The Ed Sullivan Show," October 30, 1966, in New York City. CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

COVER STORY: Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Ed Sullivan's "really big show" | Watch Video
Between 1948 and 1971, millions of TV viewers made an appointment every Sunday night to watch Ed Sullivan present a cavalcade of variety acts on CBS – from rising and established musicians, to dancers, comedians and plate spinners. Correspondent Tracy Smith looks back at the legacy of an entertainment kingmaker with Andrew and Josh Solt, who oversee the massive Ed Sullivan archives; and talks with Otis Williams of The Temptations (who appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" six times).

GALLERY: The Beatles: Backstage at "The Ed Sullivan Show"

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Laura Carney's father, Mick Carney, died at age 54, before he could complete most of the items on his bucket list. So, Laura decided to finish it for him.  CBS News

BOOKS: "Love is something that never dies": Completing her father's bucket list | Watch Video
When Laura Carney's Dad was killed in a car crash at just 54 years old, he left behind a bucket list of items mostly unfulfilled. So, Carney set out to live her father's unfinished life. She talks with correspondent Jim Axelrod about her task to complete her dad's bucket list (including skydiving, driving a Corvette, and meeting a president) while learning how to re-think her approach to life – a healing process she documented in her book, "My Father's List: How Living My Dad's Dreams Set Me Free."

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HEALTH: "We're gonna have to live in fear": The fight over medical care for transgender youth | Watch Video
Six-tenths of a percent (0.006) of all Americans identify as transgender, including about 300,000 teenagers. At least 121,000 trans kids have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria – severe distress, even suicidal thoughts, related to their gender identity. But since 2021, 20 states have enacted full or partial bans of minors receiving care that doctors say could ease suffering and even save their lives. Correspondent Susan Spencer talks with family members trying to help their loved ones. She also talks with the president of a conservative advocacy group working to make health care for trans minors illegal.

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust ... CBS News

MEMORIALS: Human composting: The rising interest in natural burial | Watch Video
Natural organic reduction, more simply known as human composting, is a natural process that transforms the body into soil. It has become a recognized alternative to embalming, and a climate-friendly option compared to cremation. Correspondent Ben Tracy visits the Seattle funeral home Recompose, the first human composting facility in the country, and talks with those whose loved ones have gone through the process. 

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PASSAGE: Remembering Daniel Ellsberg (Video)
Daniel Ellsberg, the government analyst and whistleblower whose leak of the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times and Washington Post exposed "lies and deceptions" behind America's military operations during the Vietnam War, died on Friday, June 16, at the age of 92. Jane Pauley reports.

Glenda Jackson back on stage 08:39

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Glenda Jackson (Video)
Two-time Oscar-winning actress and former Member of Parliament Glenda Jackson died Thursday in London at the age of 87. Watch Mark Phillips' 2018 "Sunday Morning" interview in which Jackson talks about her life on two very different stages.

The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles is one of the signature showpieces designed by architect Paul R. Williams.  CBS News

ARCHITECTURE: Paul R. Williams, "the Michael Jordan of African American architects" (Video)
One of Los Angeles' most revered architects, Paul Revere Williams (1894-1980) designed homes and hotels known for their grace and elegance, as well as commercial buildings in many styles – some 3,000 buildings in all. Yet he made his name at a time when an African American architect was not expected to succeed. Correspondent Mark Whitaker examines the mark Williams left on Hollywood, and on the field of architecture.

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COMMENTARY: On Father's Day Jim Gaffigan ponders the peculiar lives of childless men | Watch Video
Every third Sunday in June all the men who have generously taken on the role of dad in some child's life are honored with coffee mugs, neckties, and barbeque equipment. For all the men who do not have children, don't feel left out; comedian Jim Gaffigan has a message for you.

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Paul McCartney gives correspondent Anthony Mason a personal tour of an exhibition of the former Beatle's photographs at the National Portrait Gallery in London. CBS News

PHOTOGRAPHY: Rediscovering Paul McCartney's photos of The Beatles' 1964 invasion | Watch Video
Paul McCartney recently uncovered photographs he'd thought were lost – ones he took during The Beatles' first tour of America in 1964. The pictures – candid shots from the vantage point of newly-anointed superstars – are the basis of a new book, "1964: Eyes of the Storm," and an exhibition at London's National Portrait Gallery. Correspondent Anthony Mason gets a private tour with McCartney, who talks about documenting the astonishing welcome that the "lads from Liverpool" received.

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HARTMAN: Answering pleas for help (Video)
In 2018 Steve Hartman met Ben Taylor, who had befriended a supposed scam artist messaging him from Liberia. Eventually, Taylor found a way to help that man help himself and his community. Recently Taylor received another message from Cameroon asking for money. And once again, Ben looked beyond what was apparently a scam, and found someone to help. 

Stanley Forman's picture of a white Boston youth attacking a Black lawyer with an American flag won the photographer a Pulitzer Prize.  Stanley Forman

U.S.: Weaponizing the American flag as a tool of hate | Watch Video
In April 1976, as Boston was mired in demonstrations over busing to desegregate public schools, a Black Yale-educated lawyer was assaulted by a group of whites, including one man wielding an American flag. Correspondent Faith Salie talks with Stanley Forman, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his photo capturing the attack, and with the victim, lawyer Ted Landsmark, about the flag, as an aspirational symbol, or a weapon.

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Mute swans (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning with Mute Swans out for a Father's Day splash in the marshes of Lake Ontario, near Rochester, New York. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.       


A scene from "Maestra," a documentary about La Maestra orchestra conductor competition in Paris.  Courtesy Tribeca Festival

MOVIES: More highlights from the 2023 Tribeca Festival
The New York City festival continues, with many offering available for home viewing June 19-July 2 via the Tribeca At Home platform. Check out some recommended picks.

Part One of our Tribeca Festival coverage

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