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"Ghost Horses" by photographer Barbara Van Cleve.

© 1989 Barbara Van Cleve

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GUEST HOST: Tracy Smith


Cracking the code of dyslexia | Watch Video
Growing up, Cathy Drennan, who described herself as a "nerdy little kid," landed in the highest reading group at school, only to realize she could not learn to read. Her mother found a specialist and got the diagnosis: Severe dyslexia, an unexpected difficulty in reading in an individual who has the intelligence to read at a much higher level. Yale researchers who have studied hundreds of kindergartners for nearly 40 years say one in five was dyslexic. But perhaps their most important finding: There is no link at all between dyslexia and intelligence. Susan Spencer reports on efforts to help those with dyslexia "crack the code."

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Monty Hall | Watch Video
On August 25, 1921, the host of the game show "Let's Make a Deal" was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tracy Smith reports.

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Montana photographer Barbara Van Cleve at work. CBS News

PHOTOGRAPHY: Cowgirl photographer Barbara Van Cleve | Watch Video
Barbara Van Cleve is 84, born and bred in Montana, and she still runs cattle with the best. She is also a photographer with a passion to chronicle the ranching life she learned as a child, especially the lives of ranch women. Barry Petersen reports.

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Restaurateur Eddie Huang with Mo Rocca outside his New York City eatery Baohaus.  CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Eddie Huang on the myth of the "model minority" | Watch Video
He's a restaurateur, a streetwear designer, a TV show host, and most famously the author of "Fresh Off the Boat," his humorous 2013 memoir about growing up the eldest of three sons of Chinese immigrants that spawned a hit ABC sitcom. Eddie Huang talks with Mo Rocca about family, the myth of the "model minority," and pork buns.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Eddie Huang on writing "Fresh Off the Boat"
Eddie Huang talks about the "chip on his shoulder" that influenced his writing the bestselling memoir "Fresh Off the Boat," about growing up the child of Chinese immigrants.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Eddie Huang on making his dad proud
Eddie Huang talks about a conversation he recently had with his father about death.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Eddie Huang on Chinese cooking
Restaurateur Eddie Huang talks with Mo Rocca about authenticity and individuality in Chinese cuisine.

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Italian and Argentine dance in Buenos Aires. Nearly two-thirds of the South American country's population can trace their roots to Italy. CBS News

POSTCARD FROM BUENOS AIRES: Argentina's Italian heritage | Watch Video
Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the most-visited city in all of South America. And no visit is complete without a trip to La Boca, a colorful neighborhood that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries experienced a massive wave of Italian immigration. Today an estimated 62% of Argentinians claim some Italian heritage. Correspondent Conor Knighton gets a taste of Buenos Aires' best pizza, gelato and Italian liqueurs, and surveys the imprint that Italian immigrants had on Argentina's art and culture.

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The view through Quinn's window (Video)
Three-year-old Quinn Waters' natural immunity was temporarily wiped out after he got a stem cell transplant to treat his brain cancer. As a precaution, he isn't allowed outside his Weymouth, Massachusetts house, and no one is allowed inside to visit. But that hasn't stopped the world from beating a path to his window. Steve Hartman reports.

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. CBS News

MUSIC: Taylor Swift on "Lover" and haters | Watch Video
In an interview offering viewers some unprecedented glimpses backstage, 10-time Grammy Award-winner Taylor Swift opens up to correspondent Tracy Smith, who witnesses the creation of Swift's new music video. Smith also sat down with Swift at the piano to discuss her songwriting process, growing up in the business, and how the 29-year-old plans to reclaim ownership of a music catalog that has made her one of the most successful artists today. 

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Taylor Swift on her family's support of her career
At age 13 Taylor Swift was signed to a development deal by RCA Records. As she tells Tracy Smith, her family agreed to pull up stakes and move from Pennsylvania to Nashville for the sake of her career.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Taylor Swift's thick skin
Taylor Smith explains to correspondent Tracy Smith how she's evolved a means to deal with critics.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Taylor Swift on "Reputation"
Taylor Swift talks about her 2017 album "Reputation," which touched on celebrity and the pressures of fame and media attention.

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Kings County Brewers Collective

BEVERAGES: A craft beer even Jim Gaffigan would like | Watch Video
Last year our commentator Jim Gaffigan had some choice words for craft brews. Now, "Sunday Morning" is following up with some news from the beer world. 

Tennis player Noah Rubin at the Little Rock Open. CBS News

SPORTS: Chasing the dream | Watch Video
Being ranked in the top 200 players in the world is great in just about any sport. But in the world of tennis, an athlete ranked 197th is just barely scrimping by, living a nomadic life in second-rate hotels while competing in tournaments like the Little Rock Open Challenger. Senior contributor Ted Koppel looks at the human toll tennis takes on those competing on the professional circuit. He sits down with Noah Rubin (whose highest ranking was 125th in the world), who opens up about the grind of life on the road, and about the success of his Instagram page, Behind the Racquet, which tells the stories of those who have made tennis their careers.

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Week of August 26
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Tracy Smith reports.

Outer Banks shore birds (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us among shorebirds at North Carolina's Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.


Triceratops, at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Judy Lehmberg

NATURE UP CLOSE: A trip to the American Museum of Natural History
Visiting New York City's Mecca for any natural history fanatic.

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