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This Week: Hollywood Came Out Swinging

Celebrities rolled up their sleeves for a week of brawls, arrest warrants and heated battles in court and out.

The most scandalous news this week went down at Hollywood's Hyde nightclub during the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

For now, it's a case of "she said, she said." Paris Hilton alleges she was punched in the face by "Dancing with the Stars" alum Shanna Moakler, while Moakler alleges she was shoved down a flight of stairs by Hilton's ex, Stavros Niarchos.

The incident comes on the heels of reports that Hilton and Moakler's ex, blink-182 guitarist Travis Barker, recently locked lips.

"She was punched in the face, she did not require medical attention but she's sleeping (now)," Hilton's rep Elliot Mintz told The ShowBuzz Wednesday.

5Moakler's rep says her client remembers things differently …

"She exchanged words with Paris Hilton, Stavros (Niarchos) stepped in, threatened to hit her. Shanna said, 'You're going to hit me? Hit a woman?' and Stavros said, 'No, I'm going to beat you.' He proceeded to grab her wrists, bend them back, you know, a menacing manner, a painful manner. Poured his drink on her and shoved her down a flight of stairs," Susan Madore told The ShowBuzz.

Call it bad karma: Though he wasn't there for the dust-up, by week's end Travis Barker was the one nursing an injury. He broke his right arm on the set of a music video.

Bobby Brown had another brush with the law this week, but it wasn't for something he did, it was for something he didn't do: show up for a court hearing concerning his delinquent child-support payments. The judge ordered that Brown be arrested if he steps foot in his state of Massachusetts. Where on earth was he?

"He had other engagements on the West Coast," his attorney Phaedra Parks told The ShowBuzz on Monday. Parks said her client would pony up the money he owes and that "there should not be any further issues concerning this."

Adding more mystery to the Anna Nicole saga, Larry Birkhead, a photographer who claims he's the father of her new bundle of joy, filed papers this week demanding the child's return to California for paternity tests.

4Birkhead reportedly alleges that Smith attended a drug detox program while she was with child.

Later, Birkhead and his attorney, Debra Opri, publicly urged Smith to return to the United States.

"Where's this woman's decency? Where's her fairness?" Opri said to a gaggle of reporters outside Los Angeles courthouse. "Can Anna Nicole Smith not allow Larry Birkhead the peace of mind in resolving the question of whether he is the father?"

Anna Nicole herself certainly looked at peace in the new photos that People magazine received of her 'wedding' to lawyer Howard K. Stern (it wasn't legally binding). In the shots, the buxom new mom frolicked with her beau in the water near a 41-foot catamaran. Is it me, or is something not quite right about those two?

Speaking of pairs, it's hard to remember a time when Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin weren't fighting … and they were married for seven years.3

This week there was yet another development in their custody battle: Basinger will now go to trial after pleading not guilty to ignoring Baldwin's court-ordered visits with their daughter, Ireland, 10.

A trial is tentatively set for January, and the actress faces up to 60 days in jail if convicted — her ex will serve as a witness at the bench trial. I can't wait for the court room sketches.

"Saturday Night Live" could have some fun this weekend with George Michael's latest run-in with the law. The 43-year-old singer was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car in a London intersection last Sunday, according to The Associated Press, prompting police to arrest him for suspicion of possessing cannabis — it's his second arrest this year.

George, what were you thinking? What if paparazzi had been nearby? It seems a man with your level of celebrity should be more careful.

Or, you could take advice from another George, and throw caution to the wind:

"Here is my theory on debunking photographs in magazines, you know, the paparazzi photographs," George Clooney said in the new issue of Vanity Fair, available Oct. 10. "I want to spend every single night for three months going out with a different famous actress. You know, Halle Berry one night, Salma Hayek the next, and then walk on the beach holding hands with Leonardo DiCaprio."

Novel idea … Is that why paparazzi recently spotted you, George, with "Deal or No Deal" suitcase model Nancy Stelmaszczyk? Can you say random?

2Robin Williams put on a brave face when he stepped out on the red carpet with his wife, Marsha, for the premiere of "Man of the Year" in Hollywood this week. The newly-out-of rehab-actor thanked fans for their support throughout his battle with alcoholism (he announced that he was seeking treatment in August after some 20 years of sobriety).

"I'm doing great," Williams said. "I want to thank the millions and the thousands and also the people that have come up in person and thank them for all their support. It's been loving. It's been wonderful to know I'm not alone. That's the main thing, when you come out of rehab. If you know that, then you've got a great shot."

By Amy Bonawitz

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