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Hilton-Moakler In Nightclub Spat?

Both Paris Hilton and Shanna Moakler filed police reports after an apparent row at a Hollywood nightclub early Wednesday.

The hotel heiress filed a report Wednesday morning alleging that "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Shanna Moakler punched her at the nightclub, according to her publicist Elliot Mintz. Moakler's rep says her client has also filed a report alleging that Hilton's ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niachros, pushed her down a flight of stairs.

Mintz told TMZ that the hotel heiress was at Hyde just before 2 a.m. when Moakler approached her, cursed at her and punched her.

Hilton, 25, and Moakler, 31, both filed reports alleging battery. Officer Karen Smith said police took pictures of Moakler and Hilton at the station, and that police planned to speak with witnesses at the club as part of their investigation.

The incident comes on the heels of blog reports that Hilton and Moakler's ex, blink-182 guitarist Travis Barker, recently hooked-up. In September, TMZ posted a video of Barker and Hilton kissing at a Manhattan club.

"She was punched in the face, she did not require medical attention but she's sleeping (now)," Mintz told The ShowBuzz Wednesday. "The police did take pictures of her, although she was wearing some make-up, I don't want to describe the pictures or talk too deeply about the specifics of the case but you can just imagine what that must be like.

"We filed the complaint," Mintz says. "Now it's in the hands of the police to investigate. There were lots of witnesses. So it's going to come down to what the witnesses tell the police."

Susan Madore, Moakler's rep, says she does not know anything about her client punching Hilton.

"She exchanged words with Paris Hilton, Stavros (Niachros) stepped in, threatened to hit her. Shanna said, 'You're going to hit me? Hit a woman?' and Stavros said, 'No, I'm going to beat you.' He proceeded to grab her wrists, bend them back, you know, a menacing manner, a painful manner. Poured his drink on her and shoved her down a flight of stairs," Madore told The ShowBuzz.

Madore says that Moakler asked for help from police who were at the club and from the club owner, but to no avail.

"She was denied assistance by both and the club owner told her, 'the police here are not going to help you, I own them,'" says Madore.

Moakler next went to the police station to file a report, Madore says. "I talked to Shanna at 1:38 a.m. and she was on the way to the police station," she says. Madore says she hasn't spoken to Moakler since that phone call.

Madore couldn't confirm or deny that the alleged spat had anything to do with Travis Barker. "I have no idea," she says. "I just know words were exchanged, it wasn't anything more than that."

"Now it's up to police to decide what they're going to do and whether or not she elects to go for a restraining order," Mintz says of Hilton.

Moakler, who split with Barker in August, was eliminated from "Dancing With The Stars" on Sept. 20.

Moakler and the tattooed punk rocker Barker were an unlikely pair when they married in 2004, documenting their lavish wedding and life on the MTV reality show "Meet the Barkers." They had two children. Moakler also has a 7-year-old daughter with boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

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