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Travis Barker Breaks His Arm

Travis Barker, the apparent cause of a nightclub brawl between Paris Hilton and estranged wife Shanna Moakler, has a broken arm.

The tattooed drummer of the rock band — pronounced "plus forty-four" — broke his right arm while shooting a music video for the title track from the band's upcoming album, "When Your Heart Stops Beating," publicist Dvora Vener said Thursday. She declined to say exactly when or how he fractured it.

Vener said no dates had been canceled yet even though the band — which Barker formed last year with former Blink-182 bandmate Mark Hoppus — is scheduled to begin a tour Oct. 13 in San Diego.

Barker has yet to offer a reaction to Moakler's encounter with Hilton at a Hollywood nightclub Wednesday. Both women filed police reports alleging battery.

Hilton, 25, says Moakler, 31, walked up to her, "used the most vile of language" and then punched her in her jaw. Moakler's rep told The ShowBuzz Wednesday that her client "exchanged words with Paris Hilton, Stavros (Niachros) stepped in, threatened to hit her. Shanna said, 'You're going to hit me? Hit a woman?' and Stavros said, 'No, I'm going to beat you.' He proceeded to grab her wrists, bend them back, you know, a menacing manner, a painful manner. Poured his drink on her and shoved her down a flight of stairs."

"We filed the complaint," Hilton's rep Elliot Mintz said Wednesday. "Now it's in the hands of the police to investigate. There were lots of witnesses. So it's going to come down to what the witnesses tell the police."

Barker filed for divorce in August from Moakler, a former beauty queen and Playboy Playmate who was recently voted off "Dancing With the Stars." The couple starred in the MTV reality series "Meet the Barkers." posted what it said was video of Barker and Hilton making out in a New York nightclub last month. But Hilton's publicist, Elliot Mintz, said the two are "just friends."

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