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This Morning from CBS News, Oct. 21, 2014

Drowsy driving

The National Transportation Safety Board is sounding the alarm over drowsy driving. CBS News transportation correspondent Jeff Pegues reports safety officials believe it's just as big a safety threat as drunk driving.

Deadly airbags

Federal regulators recommend that owners of certain airbags have them fixed immediately, following a fourth death linked to the airbags. CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor reports as many as 20 million vehicles in the U.S. are equipped with such airbags.

Detroit water

A U.N. team spent the last three days investigating possible human right violations in Detroit. CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports the city's water department shut off service to homes nearly 26,000 times.

Ebola politics

With just two weeks until Election Day, the ongoing Ebola crisis has become an issue on the midterm campaign train. CBS News correspondent Chip Reid explains how Ebola is being used by both Republicans and Democrats to score political points.

Ebola orphans

An abandoned building in Monrovia is the grim new home for some children orphaned by Ebola. Not only have the children lost their parents, they are often shunned by their families and friends. CBS News Correspondent Debora Patta reports touching these children could be lethal.

Deadly trash

As health officials struggle to treat those infected with Ebola, massive amounts of Ebola contaminated medical waste are created every day. As CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports, hospitals are grappling with the question of what to do with such medical waste.

Cancer lifeline

One breast cancer survivor calls it her "lifeline" -- the connection forged with a fellow patient through a special program at a hospital in the Bronx. The program pairs up women who have been through the difficult processes of chemo and radiation with those undergoing treatment.

CIA tweets

The CIA has a new mission. The spy agency is lifting its veil of secrecy, one tweet at a time. But don't expect to see any classified information. CBS News correspondent Julianna Goldman visited CIA headquarters to find the source of a new social media campaign.

Sharing vs. Rights

As part of the so-called sharing economy, companies like Uber and Lyft sprung to life just as President Obama was taking office. And they have enjoyed robust growth. At the same time, the new sector of the economy is facing challenges with issues such as workers' rights that are at odds with some of the administration's aims of securing a strong middle class.

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