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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 8, 2016

Future for “DREAMers”

As Inauguration Day approaches, among those wondering what a Donald Trump presidency holds for them are the immigrants living in the U.S. as “DREAMers,” that’s people who have qualified to remain in the U.S. under the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act. On the campaign trail, Mr. Trump vowed to quickly terminate his predecessor’s immigration executive actions.

Massive manhunt

More than 20 law enforcement agencies including the FBI are working to track down the man accused of shooting two Georgia police officers yesterday, killing one of them. Minguell Lembrick allegedly opened fire when police responded to a domestic dispute call, and he is now a wanted man.

Great divide

The U.S. economy has expanded enormously in recent decades, even accounting for periodic recessions and financial crises. Despite that growth, fully half of Americans have failed to share in the country’s economic gains, underlining the financial divide that was so evident during the presidential election.

Fight picked

Donald Trump is going after the local union leader who represents Carrier employees, tweeting that Chuck Jones did “a terrible job representing workers.” Jones, the president of the United Steelworkers 1999, initially welcomed Mr. Trump’s deal with Carrier’s parent company to keep some jobs in the U.S., but he later said Mr. Trump had “lied his a** off” about the agreement.

Paula Broadwell

In her first national television interview since we learned of her affair with former CIA director and retired General David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell explains why she remained silent all these years. It stems, in part, from what she calls a “bit of shocker,” learning Patraeus was on the short list for secretary of state.


The nomination of a climate change skeptic to run the EPA may have renewed old arguments in Washington, but in Uganda, there’s no argument. The facts there are clear, and they affect people in the African country directly. As we’ve discovered, the facts also affect anybody, anywhere who starts their day with a favored hot, brown beverage.

Master manipulator

Although Donald Trump has angrily accused China of deliberately devaluing its currency to gain an economic edge, another Asian country is arguably more deserving of that charge: Taiwan. We look at why the People’s Republic is not the currency manipulator the president-elect says it is.

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