Assad regime shows no mercy as it pushes to regain Aleppo

Syrian civilians in peril
Syrian civilians in peril 02:29

ALEPPO, Syria --  The Assad regime is showing no mercy as it pushes to regain full control of Syria’s biggest city.

Rebels are losing territory in Aleppo under relentless bombing. About 200,000 civilians are trapped. 

Pictures captured the suffering of thousands. When one man’s wife became ill, he wheeled her through the streets in search of help -- but there is no civilization in Aleppo.

Image captures the suffering of thousands in Syria, as a man pushes his deceased wife.  CBS News

And all that could be done -- was say goodbye to her.

The Syrian government backed by Russia is using every means at its disposal to take back Eastern Aleppo. But still, rebel factions are refusing to give up.

A Syrian soldier shows CBS News that less than 100 meters away from their building, opposition fighters are hiding. 

But opposition control over the East is weakening every day as the Syrian army takes back chunks of territory.

Like in Al Shaah, where the air still chokes with dust. Government forces took it back just one day ago. 

A road leads to the old city, a key prize in this battle.

A few streets away, CBS News came across civilians who just got out -- if they can’t walk themselves they are carried to safety. 

“Does anyone know who this woman is?” a man shouts as he carries her.

No one answers.

But not everyone is running away.

Mohammad Dokman cannot contain himself, as he runs and collapses at his mother’s feet, because this is the first time he’s seen her in five years

“ My soul,” his mother Zaliha sobs as they embrace. “You are everything to me my son.” 

Mohammad Dokman embraces his mother Zaliha. CBS News

Another son joins in. It’s been five years since the war divided Aleppo and separated this family.

Zaliha gets to meet grandchildren she’s never seen.

At last, it is finally time for them to go home together.

A Syrian general told CBS News the army is on the verge of taking back the old city. Once that happens he said -- it’s over.