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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 29, 2015

Deadly storms

The system that sparked flooding and tornadoes in the South and Midwest is churning toward the Northeast, but a line of heavy rain stretches as far south as Florida. It's the same storm that has buried parts of Next Mexico and Oklahoma in snow, and claims dozens of lives in the process.

Retaking Ramadi

After a weeks-long battle for the second largest city under ISIS control, an Iraqi military commander says his troops have emerged victorious and calm has been restored in the center of Ramadi. Iraq's national forces have proven themselves in their biggest challenge yet, but the fight is far from over.

Trump vs. Christie

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continued has launched his latest attack in the war of words with the publisher of New Hampshire's largest newspaper and parlayed the battle into a series of jabs at rival Chris Christie, claiming the two are in cahoots.

Farm woes

Trade with Beijing enabled a robust expansion of America's agricultural sector for years, but now a stronger dollar, China's economic slowdown, political upheaval in Latin America and a global grain glut are threatening to make 2016 another challenging year for the American farmer.


What's in a name? For a young American entrepreneur living in Shanghai, it was a business opportunity. We find out how a 26-year-old expat took a cultural oddity and turned it into a viable service for Chinese people seeking catchy English nicknames.

Distracted walking

The risk of distracted walking is getting new attention after an Indiana man's deadly misstep. Witnesses say the 33-year-old was looking at a mobile device when he plunged off a California cliff. New research shows similar distractions are linked to a rising number of injuries each year.

Picture perfect

"CBS This Morning" has been given an exclusive early look at the winning snaps from this year's National Geographic Photo Contest.

Fact finding

From the Associated Press' epic dive into the troubled waters of commercial fishing, to The New York Times' revelation about the real price of a manicure and several of CBS News' own projects, we look back at some of the journalistic investigations that demanded the public's attention in 2015.

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