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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 23, 2016

Suspect killed

The man suspected of driving a truck into a crowded Berlin Christmas market has been killed in a shootout with Italian police in Milan. Anis Amri, a Tunisian national, was stopped by two officers in the early morning hours and asked to show his identification. Instead, he pulled out a gun and managed to wound one of the officers, but it would be his last move.

Reported hijacking

One of the Libyan national airline’s jets, loaded with passengers, has been hijacked on a domestic route and forced to land in Malta, according to media reports. Please stay with CBS News for developments on this breaking news story from the Mediterranean.

Trump on “nukes”

Every president since Ronald Reagan has tried to reduce the world’s atomic stockpile. President Obama signed a treaty with Russia in 2010 guaranteeing modest reductions. But yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump appeared to upend decades of U.S. national security policy in a single tweet.

Going “moderate”?

Predicting what will happen at some future date is, of course, somewhat foolish. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, let alone a year from now, but Will Rahn is willing to hazard a guess that he knows what President-elect Donald Trump’s new favorite word will be.

Carl Icahn

The 80-year-old activist investor is a Wall Street fixture, and his hard-nosed tactics have earned him lots of critics. Oh, and he’s worth an estimated $16 billion. Here’s what America can expect from the man Donald Trump has tasked with liberating U.S. business from burdensome regulations.

Holiday travel

AAA says more than 103 million Americans will take a trip over the next week and half -- the most on record. Winter storms in the Northwest and Midwest could cause major travel headaches, and hundreds of flights are already canceled or delayed.

In a name

A fight over what can be called “milk” could change the way products are labeled in the dairy aisle. The dairy industry and some members of Congress say the label should be reserved for milk from a cow, but many plant-based alternatives like soy and almond are called milk, too. Take a look at what’s at stake.

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