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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 15, 2016

Putin’s work?

U.S. intelligence sources are not just pointing the finger at Russian hackers, but squarely at the Kremlin for a cyberattack that began in July of 2015 -- more than a year before the presidential election. They now believe Vladimir Putin was personally involved in the cyber interference that first targeted the Democratic National Committee.

Early reviews

Do Americans think Donald Trump will be a good president? A little more than a month before his inauguration, CBS News has asked Americans for their opinions on the pending Trump presidency, his Cabinet picks and the highly contentious issue of his vast business interests and how they could affect his judgement as America’s chief executive.

Empty seats

President-elect Donald Trump has named generals to his Cabinet. He’s chosen business leaders and Wall Street executives. But he’s also tapped elected officials; a U.S. senator, two House members and two governors. If they’re all confirmed, someone will have to fill those vacancies, but the rules are different for every position, and many of them also differ by state.

Aleppo evacuations

After a rocky start that saw ambulances trying to carry civilians out of the tiny opposition enclave come under purported regime fire, Russia’s defense ministry says the evacuation of some 5,000 rebels and civilians from eastern Aleppo is underway. But after a day that saw violence flare, testing the tentative cease-fire, the fate of the hopeful evacuees is far from certain.

Icy roads

The coldest air of the season is spreading frigid temperatures south and east across the country, along with some heavy snow. Wind chills are below zero from the Northern Plains to the Great lakes, with some places shivering at more than 20 below. The cold air is fueling lake-effect snow, making roads treacherous.

Rural backers

Americans who voted for Donald Trump are often framed as backing him mostly because of their precarious economic status in an era of downward mobility. But new research reveals a far more complex picture. We look at a key segment of higher-income voters who helped tilt the election the real estate mogul’s way.  

Housing forecast

The Federal Reserve has moved to hike interest rates for only the second time in more than a decade. We examine how the housing sector, a major source of wealth for millions of Americans, is likely to be affected by the shift to tighter monetary policy.

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