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This Morning from CBS News, August 25, 2015

Chinese stocks plummet

Chinese stocks tumbled again today, with the main stock market index plunging 7.6 percent in the fourth straight day of declines. It marked the biggest losses in eight years, while some other Asian and European markets rebounded from a day of heavy losses.

New train hero

As U.S. Airman Spencer Stone enjoys a reunion with his family after helping subdue a gunman on a high-speed train, CBS News' Charlie D'agata has the story of another American who thought he'd sacrificed everything to wrestle the attacker's gun away.

Over 700 fringe candidates for 2016

With nearly two dozen candidates in the 2016 race for the White House, it's already a very crowded field. But that number could grow, by a lot. There are nearly 800 aspiring presidential candidates who have registered with the Federal Election Commission. What's behind the big surge in fringe candidates?

How safe are U.S. trains from attacks?

The rise of lone wolf, ISIS-inspired attacks has law enforcement reassessing the threat. "There is very unlikely to be security, somebody from law enforcement on every train, which presents an opportunity for a determined attacker," one expert says.

Philly police ticket

A Philadelphia police officer is facing possible criminal charges over a traffic stop. Officer Matthew Zagursky is seen on video apparently pressuring two men he'd just pulled over to support a fundraiser.

Open-cockpit dangers

The auto racing world is remembering IndyCar driver Justin Wilson, who died Monday from a head injury suffered a day earlier. The racer was hit in the head by a flying piece of debris from another car. CBSN's Jeff Glor reports on the dangers of open-cockpit racing.

With Obama's blessing, Biden mulls run

Sources tell CBS News President Obama has given Vice President Biden the green light to consider a White House run. That wasn't an endorsement. A Biden candidacy could be awkward for the president -- with his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton the Democratic frontrunner. Still, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest made no guarantee Mr. Obama would remain neutral in the primary race, telling reporters, "I wouldn't rule out an endorsement."

Bush: Chill out

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush continued to try to put the outcry over his use of the term "anchor baby" behind him, telling reporters, "I think we need to take a step back and chill out a little bit."

Scott Walker

What does he stand for? A look at where the Wisconsin governor stands on education, immigration, the economy, social issues and foreign policy
(This article is the latest in a continuing series examining where the 2016 candidates stand on five key issues. Click here to read about Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich and Bernie Sanders.)

Hurricane Katrina's youngest victims

Hurricane Katrina left more than 1,000 dead and much of New Orleans under water. Reconstruction would take years. Hundreds of thousands fled the devastated city. Many who have returned still face the lingering effects of their experience, especially the youngest survivors.

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