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This Morning from CBS News, Aug. 22, 2016

Georgia blues

The last time a Democrat won Georgia in a presidential election, the year was 1992 and the candidate was Bill Clinton.Could it go blue again in 2016 with another Clinton at the top of the ticket? It would certainly still be an uphill climb for Hillary Clinton and her campaign, but it’s within the realm of possibility -- a testament to how much Trump as the Republican nominee could alter the map of battlegrounds this fall.

Stolen youth

ISIS has proven many times it’s willingness to use innocent civilians -- even children -- to carry out its uniquely violent vision of an “Islamic State.” But if it was, as is believed, a child that killed dozens at a wedding in Turkey, it is only one example of the depravity of the extremist group when it comes to poisoning young minds and destroying young lives.

Women at work

The U.S. labor market can be tough for middle-aged employees, making it hard for people to change careers or find work after a layoff. Inspired by a recent Hollywood movie, one public relations firm is trying to change that, launching an internship program for women over 40 -- and getting a lot of takers.

Debt monsters

With total student loans in the U.S. topping $1 trillion, many Americans are turning to debt relief firms for help refinancing their loans. It’s often a serious mistake. Hundreds of thousands of borrowers have been fleeced by dodgy companies that charge for services available from the government for free.  

Olympics 2024

Will 2024 be the year the Olympics return to the U.S.? It’s been 20 years since the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta. Since then, Chicago and New York have tried to land the Games but have been passed over. Now, the mayor of Los Angeles, which hosted the Games in 1984, thinks his city can go the distance.  

Retired at sea

An estimated 24 million people are expected to take cruises this year. One report shows more than one-fifth of them are retired. For many of those passengers the ships are like a second home. For 88-year-old Lee Wachstetter, however, the ocean liner Crystal Serenity is her only home.  

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