This Morning from CBS News: Aug. 14, 2014

Man picks up flaming bottle and prepares to throw it as police advance in distance Wednesday night, Aug. 13, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri

Jeff Roberson, AP

Police tear gas violent protests

Demonstrations in the St. Louis suburb rocked by racial unrest since a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager turned violent again Wednesday night, with protesters throwing objects officers said included Molotov cocktails at them, and police responding with smoke bombs and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Russian Trojan horse?

A convoy of more than 260 Russian trucks, painted white and carrying what Moscow says is humanitarian aid, suddenly changed direction Thursday morning and, instead of heading to be inspected by the International Red Cross and Ukrainian officials, went to an area of Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is accusing Moscow of planning a "direct invasion" under the guise of delivering humanitarian assistance.

Pope over China

As Pope Francis landed in South Korea on his first trip to Asia, he'd already made his mark, but in China. CBS News correspondent Seth Doane reports Francis' just flying over China was a step forward for the estimated 12 million Chinese Catholics.

Ready for a hug?

As Hillary Clinton prepared to meet with President Obama on Martha's Vineyard, the former Secretary of State was expected to "hug it out" with him. Following her remarks criticizing his foreign policy record, Clinton may need to do some backpedaling to smooth things over, says CBS News chief Washington correspondent and "Face the Nation" anchor Bob Schieffer.

ISIS money trail

Unlike al Qaeda, ISIS does not rely on wealthy donors for funding, but has developed a "hybrid form of funding" that is both global and local, says CBS Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate.

Top paying jobs needing only high school degrees

While having a college degree is often the best path toward attaining a solid career and pay, it is not the only way. Those with high school degrees and some training can reach that goal, as well. The president of CareerBuilder of North America told CBS MoneyWatch there is a lucrative "need for skilled labor." Here are those top paying jobs.

Getting hired

With job openings at a 13 year high, hiring is not up as much. For job hunters, the disconnect can be frustrating. What's going on, and how can you get around it?

Dirty Play

Playing sports should be a healthy and fun way to spend time for kids, and yet every day, almost 3,400 young people sustain sports injuries that send them to the emergency room. Too often, a new survey suggests, injuries happen because kids are playing dirty -- and coaches may not be doing enough to stop it.


Eighteen teams are still in the running for the Google Lunar XPrize, in a race to get to the moon with $30 million in prize money at stake. CNET's Tim Stevens is following the leading contenders all over the world, and he was there in the Mojave Desert when team Astrobotic, from Pittsburgh, completed a major test of its proposed lander.

Battle over love

While they are in the business of love, two dating sites are battling over who produces the most marriages.

The "Cubs" of the Little League World Series

For the first time in over 30 years, a team from Chicago has made it to a World Series, the Little League World Series. It also marks the first time an all African-American team has made it to the Little League show. The Jackie Robinson All-Stars have been winning hearts along the way.

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