Retired NYC cabbie, 83, wins $11.5 million in lottery

Lottery winner Leroy Beckford holds up a huge check for $11.5 million.

CBS News

NEW YORK -- An 83-year-old retired taxi cab driver can now call himself a multimillionaire.

Leroy Beckford, of the New York City borough of the Bronx, received an oversize check Tuesday with $11.5 million written on it, CBS New York reported.

Beckford has hearing problems and cataracts, but he's feeling pretty carefree after winning the jackpot in the New York State Lottery's July 5 Lotto drawing.

Beckford chose to take his winnings in a lump-sum payment totaling $4.59 million after taxes.

He bought the ticket using Quick Pick numbers at a Bronx 7 & 7 deli near the apartment where he lives with his daughter.

Michelle Beckford said she doesn't know whether her dad will stay in that apartment with her.

"He might go off and do his own thing. He said he might get a wife," she said. "His all-time wish is to have a Lexus."

Beckford's windfall has inspired neighbors to try their luck as well, but the big winner barely cracked a smile while receiving his check. His family said it's because he's shy.