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This Morning from CBS News, April 20, 2016

"Victory is in sight"

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's major primary victories in New York will lend a jolt of life to the front-runners' campaigns and re-establish their dominance after string of losses, but the results also underscored that neither can afford to take the rest of the primary season for granted.

Courting delegates

Donald Trump still needs 393 delegates to clinch the Republican nomination. The art of courting delegates takes many forms and pushes boundaries, which is why election lawyers say this really is the Wild West. We find out how far the law can take campaignswhen it comes to wooing delegates.

Texas flooding

Tons of water and no place for it to go in inundated Texas. The flooding has kept rescue crews hard at work overnight in and around Houston. The water is already blamed for eight deaths in the state, and thousands more people are being forced to put their lives on hold.

Green dream

It's an out-of-the-way place, but the little Danish island of Samso -- a 20-mile-long squiggle of farms and tidy villages -- is providing answers to some of the biggest questionsfacing our warming world. The case study in sustainability has scientists from across the globe looking to "Viking leadership."

"The Tumor"

John Grisham is famous for his legal thrillers, but his latest book, "The Tumor," explores the promise of modern healthcare and the tool that could change how we battle dozens of diseases. Grisham tells "CBS This Morning" why he thinks the book is so important, he's giving it away for free.

Lonely hearts

Feeling lonely and socially isolated can take a serious toll on your health. A new study finds that lonely adults are more likely to suffer some of the most dangerous maladies, and researchers say the issue should get more attention, along with the more familiar and much-discussed risk factors.

Close encounters

Photographer Michael Muller goes shark diving without a cage, swimming freely with the fearsome and, he says, misunderstood creatures, to capture images like you've never seen. He shares a selection of his astonishing photos with CBS News and tells us about his experiences coming face to face with sharks.

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