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Tamas Szabo

Tamas Szabo

(Episode 466; 15 minutes 00) There is no magic solution to getting rich quickly on the share market. There will always be unexpected circumstances, but the key is to minimise the impact of negative outcomes. The problem is, of course, success relies on a combination of human instinct and the meaningful interpretation of available data, but human nature can be your biggest enemy here.

Tamas Szabo, the CEO of IG Markets, says the best traders manage to isolate their emotion from decisions and operate like trading machines. How do you become one of them? In today's BTalk he gives us the five biggest mistakes that share traders make. Listen to the podcast for an explanation of each of the five:

  • 1. Not having a strategy

  • 2. Putting all your focus in one stock or market

  • 3. Getting too emotional

  • 4. Ignoring external factors

  • 5. Not doing research

Feel free to add your own suggestions for the list in the comments section at the end of this post.

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