The Feed: Wrap up of the week's best viral videos

Man plays piano while carrying a piano on his back

(CBS News) Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Seems like somebody hasn't been keeping up on their viral videos all week. And you're probably worried you can't catch up? Well, don't be, because I've got you covered. Click play above to catch up on some of the best videos this week in one quick sitting.

So, what did you miss? Lots of stuff. In particular - kicking. YouTube user h4x354x0r posted a shirtless hacky sacker with some seriously impressive skills and STRskillSchool brought world freestyle football champ Andrew Henderson talents to the forefront.

But, that's not all. Not even close. For instance - this video of a guy doing the two hardest things you can possibly do with a piano (move it and play it) at the same time!

Or, the 'ol "weatherman in the elevator" prank, courtesy of Greg Benson and Official Comedy. I guess I shouldn't say "'ol," cause it's a pretty original and hilarious gag.

And, of course, there's animal videos. Like this stunningly cute video of Baby Belle, a three-week-old Asian elephant playing with her mom at the Fort Worth Zoo.

And, don't forget you can see all of these videos (in their entirety) and many more, right here on The Feed.

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