Fun times with a baby elephant and a polar bear

(CBS News) What's cuter than a baby elephant playing with its mama? Said baby also playing in a kiddie pool while being sprayed with a hose! For your daily dose of "ahhhhh," watch this video above of a three-week old elephant named Belle splashing around at the Fort Worth Zoo.

No matter what your mood was before watching this very big baby slip and slide in and out of this pool, it's gotta be a whole lot better now after. My dismal rainy-day mood was certainly lifted! There are not many things cuter than a little, grey, baby elephant. Except, maybe a polar bear...

And for an it's almost-Friday animal antics bonus, check out the video below, entitled "Tasul's Collar," to see how this fuzzy guy (or gal, rather) helps scientists research how her fellow bears handle climate change, just by watching her movements all day long.

Biologists at the Oregon Zoo learn a lot from Tasul by watching the video they've recorded with a camera attached to her collar. It's really quite remarkable -- not to mention adorable -- to see what it's like to be a polar bear. It's a winning combination: cute and helpful!