Hacky sack dancing and an "intense" piano recital

(CBS News) Woo-hoo! It's Friday and the weekend is almost here, everyone! And when this day of days rolls around each week, it just makes your blogger want to get up and start dancing in the middle of the newsroom. This guy in the video above knows what I'm talking about...

The upbeat moves on very public display in Columbia, Mo., was recently posted on YouTube by Derrick Fogle (aka "Columbia's Hack Man") who writes:

Another great session last Thursday, got lots of encouragement from passers by!

I'll admit, my initial reaction was one of incredulity at what seemed to simply be a bizarre display of hacky sacking mixed with dancing. But the more I watched, the more impressed I became by "Columbia's Hack Man" and his seriously talented footwork. Bravo, Derrick

Up next, what starts as a moving man unloading the truck becomes something a bit... different. Watch in this YouTube video below from emil33247 as piano recital unfolds under some pretty intense pressure. (Less the psychological and more the gravitational sort...)